Matt and I have a date on every other Sunday. We try to be intentional about always dating each other because it’s simply that important to us.

So, Matt’s friend Brian took his kids there a while back and told him all about it. Since we live so close Matt had mentioned several times that he’d love to see it for himself, so I planned a surprise date to take him there!

Matt has no idea where we are going

I provided him with a turn by turn directions to keep the mystery going as long as possible. Of course when started seeing the signs for the Tellus Science Museum he had it figured out!


We went through all 3 exhibits including fossils, science of the future and minerals.


Petrified Wood

Matt went into space

I joined him

I just think he is so cute

T-rex is kinda big

My husband is HOT

The grounds are stunning at Tellus so I took pictures of flowers


30 years of wedded bliss

This past weekend we celebrated my parents 30th anniversary. My sister and I planned a small dinner with a few friends and family to celebrate my parents upcoming anniversary.

The plan was scheduled so that we would pick up my parents and take them to the restaurant for a surprise dinner. Well we were fake running late which turned into really running late! So we had them meet us there. My Aunt, 2 cousins and grandma all came down to help celebrate. We also had a great group of my parents friends there to celebrate as well.

My mom was surprised and my dad said he knew; but I think he is lying! Here are a few highlights.

On our way down to the dinner

The guests of honor

Jim, Jane and Dan


My dad's Mom

Aunt Barb, Michelle and Michael


Harris' without Sawyer (she was sleeping)

Sawyer with her Great Grandma

Celebrating Easter

What? I am actually blogging about something that happened less than a week ago! Don’t get used to it 🙂

We had a small Easter lunch with my family. Since we have Sawyer around everything is a bit more fun.

My niece Sawyer!

She is the center of attention

She seems to like Uncle Matt this time around. She has a slight issue with his beard.

The Harris Family


My parents

I don’t think I have a picture of the outside of our house yet. Here you go!

Always Playing Catch Up

Wow, when I started to download pictures from my camera I realized I had pictures from Christmas, MLK Day renovations, lots of random projects and spring. I am going to stop apologizing and just give you a ton of photos to make up for it.

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Thanks for still being my friend.