Cranberry Wreath

I found out I love using food for wreaths, remember the candy corn wreath?

I have no idea where I found this idea, I read way to many blogs (yes my Google reader has over 40 blogs) Thanks Pam for letting me know about this amazing feature of Google.

So I had some cranberries in the fridge and of course the first thought that came to mind was how can I make a wreath from it. Start with a glue gun, wreath form and some cranberries.

Start to glue the cranberries on in a single circle.

Keep going till it fills the front half of the wreath. I decided to not do the bottom half because I wanted it to lay flat against the window.

It has a new home in our kitchen above the sink.



Babies needs Ties too

I have been buying this for everyone who is having boys and decided I could make one my own, I am crafty huh? My mom said so in her Christmas letter so it’s a fact huh.

I got all the supplies need to make one.

Super easy, cut out tie shape, sew tie shape on onesie and give to any of your friends that are having boys!

I forgot to get a final picture before I sent it off as a gift!

DIY Sunburst Mirror

I have been looking at the sunburst mirror on West Elm for a while but of course I knew there had to be a way to do it cheaper. I turned to my craft/house blogs to find a  DIY way to make a sunburst mirror.

Here is my version of a sunburst mirror.

Start with a mirror with a rim, glue gun, sticks and white spray paint.

It was a bit of trail and error to get it even all the way around, but I will leave that out!

We cut the sticks at 5 different lengths to give it a star look and then started at the center and went to town with the hot glue.

Yeah, so it’s really hard to pick it up but it’s worth it, I am not in love with the orange… spray paint is wonderful.

Finished product!