Crawl Space Water Prevention: Part 1

When Kelly and I first moved into our home we had A LOT of work to do. One of the best, and at the same time least glamorous, renovations that we did was to hire some help to re-do all of our duct work in the crawl space under our house. Fortunately we did most of the work around the same time as the flooding last year and we found that our crawl space had sprung a leak. We weren’t sure where it was, but there was a TON of water sitting in the low area’s of the crawl space.

So I started asking questions to figure out what to do. There were several suggestions including installing a drainage system, replacing our old gutters, and digging around the foundation, in certain areas, to apply a tar-like material to keep water out of the crawl space.

Here’s the after shot of about 4 hours of labor in one of these areas to apply the water barrier to help stop the leak.


Are you scared?

We had a fall party to go to and I wanted to makes something sweet. I had about 7896 different ideas of what to make but ended up making Oreo Cookie mummies, they look scary huh?

Start with regular Oreos… eat a few.

Start by dipping the Oreo in white chocolate, I found out if you covered it on both sides then fished it out with a spoon, I used the Bakerlla tapping method to get the extra chocolate off.

Then put two mini chocolate chips eyes on before the chocolate sets.

After they set, I used the rest of the chocolate to look like the mummies wrappings! I put the extra chocolate in a pipping bag to make it go quickly.

Then put on a platter and decorate with candy corn!


What could make a cookie better?

What could make a chocolate chip cookie better?

I was asked to bake for a bake sale at work, to say I was nervous was an understatement. I didn’t want to be the one who had a ton of my baked goods left over at the end…so I had to think of something creative.

I was going to just make chocolate chip cookies but then I thought, that is not fun enough. They do look yummy huh?

How do you make cookies better? Add homemade cream cheese frosting!

Then make a yummy cookie sandwich!

Put together and enjoy 🙂

It’s looks so good you can eat it

I found this wreath on the cover of magazine and could not wait to make it. My friend Pam got to it first and it made me want to do it even more, once you see it, you will understand.

I started with a wreath form and put black duck tape on it to cover up the white.I then started to put candy corn on it with a hot glue gun, I only ate about 75 in the process.

Start with a circle going one way, and then start with the other way. Eat some in the process.


Here is a close up of the finish product.

The finished product on our front door. I am in love with it, it looks so great from the street. I was a little scared that it would clash with the red door, but I love it!

What is going on in the Rowell House?

Yes, it’s been a while… and you may be thinking what has kept these bloggers so busy! Well, all of a sudden life got busy, my job keeps me really busy during the fall for our campaign season, we have Matt’s brothers wedding, an anniversary trip and a lot of projects!

To catch you up, I made these yummy cupcakes for a small group… a few weeks back!

I wanted to try something new, I put a surprise in the middle… can you guess what it is?

It’s a cookie! I mean really cupcake and cookie in one… heaven!

They are almost ready to frost, just needed to cool for a bit.

Yummy, cream cheese frosting, which I eat by the tons!

Matt’s brother enjoyed a taste of the cupcake.

More updates in the near future I promise, can’t wait to show you my candy corn wreath… be excited.