A view into our world

Since I have taken a few months (maybe a year) off of blogging I figured I would just let the pictures speak for themselves.



Last Summer

We joined a co-op this summer and I have loved getting a basket each week. I love the challenge of getting new foods each work to figure out how to cook it.

I shot my first gun

My “new” orange chair that I saved from going to the trash at my grandmas house

A different view of the lawn

New bricks in the front

Braves Game… this seat were amazing.

Braves Game… this seat were amazing.

We hosted a small group party at our house and I of course had to have a ice cream bar.

I love our house

You are the only Ten I see

I love getting to see April in Knoxville every year, I look forward to the few short hours every summer.

A little beer tasting to keep us cool this past summer

Mustache fun

Mustache fun