First Weekend Update

Well we are officially true DIY-ers! We did our first full demo (demolition for those not up on the DIY terms, MOM) this weekend on the master bathroom! You saw the before of our master bath, well now there is no longer anything that resembles the before.

We had a 10×10 dumpster delivered to the house Friday afternoon, yes it makes us look so cool! Well the dumpster company is a bit special, one they parked it on the wrong side of the driveway and they do not win for the best parking job, it’s not very straight!

We started bright and early Saturday morning on getting all the little things out of the bathroom. Then the fun part started DEMO! My husband is so smart, he took out the door first to make things a little easier, we now have black plastic up to keep the dust out of our bedroom.

Of course, I had to put on my new pink work gloves, yes they do make your swing harder, work faster and look better!


Next we tackled the short sized vanity, that baby was not going anywhere without a fight, but don’t worry we are pretty strong!

Yeah, that was one of the heaviest things I have ever carried and I am sure the husband carried most of the weight ๐Ÿ™‚

Next up was tile, I tried to help getting the tile up but I seem to be much better as clean up lady! Matt did all the hard work! We decided to skip renting the chisel and use hand tools, well my arm was on fire the few times I tried to get that stubborn tile up!

I had to take a short little break mid demo day to hang out with my sister-in-law, ( I promise I have had this planned for a month). I was in shock with everything that Matt, and a few friends that stopped by, had accomplished while I was gone!

Yeah no more glass block!

ARE YOU SERIOUS! Who paints over pink wallpaper!!! Ugh, we now have decided to take out all the sheet rock (update on that soon)

The seat in the shower was filled with cinder blocks and bricks! It weighed a ton! Whoever built this thing didn’t want it to go anywhere! Thanks for your help and hard work Winston!

This is the bathroom at the end of day 2! You can tell the one thing that looks the same is the tub that we are keeping, but it will get an update to fit in with the new bathroom.

It’s been a long weekend and we haveย  a few tasks to get done this week so we can be ready for next weekend! I am out of town and Matt has a full weekend of work with Winston.

What do you think?


Say Bye to the White on White

Please take a moment and say goodbye to our white on white master bathroom. We have officially started our master bathroom renovation! I am excited yet nervous at the same time.

Here are our before shots:

It’s a very long rectangle, the garden tub is to the left, the smallest vanity ever is to the right! The walk in shower is behind the awesome glass block and the toilet has it’s own room to the right!

A before shot of the throne room!

The tub and window.

Here are a few things I am not going to miss!

I am not going to miss white on white tile and grout, will you?

I am not going to miss the vanity that is made for people under 4 feet.

I am not going to miss that awesome glass block!


Let’s be Real

I feel like I am going to shock you all but, honestly, here’s what our house has looked like this past week.

It’s true that I don’t love looking at a shop vac all week but I have been working on my OCD-ness. I have learned sometimes there is no point to put everything away for 5 days when you are just going to use it again. So we are going to finish up the window in the family room this weekend and I can finally clean up!

I positive that a ladder is not a new design secret that only we know about!

Est 2009

I wanted to make a sign for our family and when we were established! So when I got my silhouette I knew this project was finally on my list. When Pam was over we decided to tackle this together, so glad and we found out it was super easy.

We cute out the letters on our silver vinyl.

And then used the awesome transfer paper to put it on the mirror.

How does it look?

Yes, I am a goofball!

It has a new home on our shelves in the dinning room!

Again all these amazing pictures were taken Pam again. Stay tuned to my pictures next time!

Raised Garden 2.0

Last year Kelly and I tried our hand at gardening at our new house. I decided that we should do a raised garden that way we could have more control of what goes into the soil, plus it’s a lot easier to work in!

We learned a few things last year from our first go round with a raised garden. The first thing is that I built the walls for the raised garden WAY to close to our neighbors fence. Another thing was the the walls where all out of whack andย  we wanted it to be much more sturdy and oval shaped instead of some weird bean shape.

We also decided that we needed some sort of border around it for walking around instead of standing in the mud. I picked up about 1/2 a ton of gravel from Vulcan (conveniently down the road from our house) and put it down around the garden.

Here are a few pictures of what it looks like with (1) higher and straighter walls (2) my drip irrigation tube that is tied into the rain barrel (3) a gravel surround and (4) five feet further away from our neighbors fence:

Give me an M, Give me a K

I can’t remember where I found this idea (sorry) but I wanted to make custom letters for our house for our new floating shelves. It’s a really quick project but looks amazing.

First you get letters from any craft store, I was lucky the letters were already white so I did not need to paint them.


Then find scrapbook paper that you are in love with and cut out the shape of the letter to match. I used craft glue to get the paper on the letters. Don’t they look awesome! I did an M and K to put on our new floating selves.

How do they look?

ps.. I am still working on decorating the shelves! And yes I can’t remember when I wrote this post, but it’s old and just realized I had not posted it! ๐Ÿ™‚