A safe haven for craftyness

We finally sold the media center and the big chair in our loft!! Here is what was in the media center!

So I had to figure out where to put all my sewing and craft stuff!! The office was my first choice I didn’t want everything just sitting in the office till it found a new home, since we are starting the master bathroom project this weekend I wanted to figure something out quickly! We are so lucky to have a few closets in our house, so we came up with a plan, turn the closet in the upstairs hallway into a craft/sewing/extra towels and sheets closet! But wait, we had to clean all of this out first!

Yes, every house needs 3 shop vacs (2 in the garage and 1 upstairs)! We started by getting everything out of the closet to see with what we were working it.

My sweet husband always does the job without cutting any corners, so we pulled out the old shelves and patched all the holes. Then I realized why I am never allowed to touch a paint brush in our house ever again, but I painted the walls white! (you may be thinking, how can you mess up white on white but yes there is a way)

My amazing husband had the vision to make this the most efficient closet ever and put 2 full wrap around shelves in the closet, it’s amazing! It might be my new hang out spot!

Also, during this time I re-organized everything from the office and media center to all fit in the closet! Welcome to the safe haven for crafty-ness!

I am in love! Everything has it’s place and it so easy to find!


We hit 100!

Wow, are you shocked or impressed that we have hit 100 posts on our blog! I wanted to take this time to see what we have been doing over the past 100 posts!

We started the blog for others to know what was going with our wedding and if we were going to buy a house, take a look back at this post! Lots has happened since that first blog post.

We became official home owners in August 2009 and the projects started right away.

We got married in October 2009 and went on an amazing honeymoon, can we go back?

We started our first big project in November 2009, we did not waste anytime. Can you actually remember what we first started on? I had to check the blog to see what it officially was, the half bath.

We finished a new table for our kitchen, new water heater and new windows all in one month.

Our house started to look like a home with some window decorations and started already thinking of re-doing the master bathroom, can you believe were we are now!

We got super busy and were really bad bloggers!

I started to get back to being crafty with sewing new pillows for our bedroom and I have not stopped since.

We grew our first garden in 2010 and we are now on  garden 2.0.

I think I have an obsession with making wreaths around the house, I need to go to a group or something to stop making more! I have made a book wreath, heart wreath, burlap wreath, fabric wreath and candy corn! Wow I have a problem.

We celebrated our first year of marriage with a trip to Boston, it was amazing, I am sure we meant to blog about it but got busy and I just think it’s silly to post about it now, but it was awesome!

We had some fun with chalkboard paint in our kitchen.

I made my very own Sunburst Mirror and don’t worry we are still working on it haha!

We had a few snow days this past January so we got a ton of projects done, that happens when you spend 5 days in the house.

We did a lot of little projects in February this year. We did tree art, went antiquing and put new lights in the kitchen!

And then our biggest project to date started our master bathroom!

So in our 100 posts here on the blog we have done a few things around the house! Check out our house tour to see the changes we have made!

The unexpected alarm clock

We went out for a friend’s birthday Saturday night, so we decided not to set the alarm and just wake up when we wanted to. So we are sleeping like babies and BOOM! Well some people might know what fell but when your house feels like a construction zone sometimes you may have to wonder. At first we checked the master bathroom, nope everything looked in tack. We checked both the closets (yes my closet organizer fell out 3 times in my townhouse because I had so many clothes) and it was not in there.

We got back into bed and just could not stop thinking about what made a huge noise. So Matt went to the dinning room and realized that one of our floating shelves had a causality! The top shelf (of course) took a dive to the floor, taking out a few things in its path.

What a fun way to wake up!

Where are you two getting ready?

I know, for the past 3 weeks you’ve all been asking yourselves, “Where do you two get ready since you don’t have a master bathroom at the moment”? Maybe we’re the only one’s asking ourselves that…

We are very lucky that we have 2 1/2 bathrooms in our  house. So with one out of commission means we are down to 1 1/2 (just in case your math skills need a little help).

You have seen our amazing half bath makeover here and our really bad looking upstairs bathroom! So we have been up stairs in the fish bathroom, it makes me want the master done like, yesterday! We are very lucky to have the upstairs shower but it’s so hard to get up in the morning knowing that you have to up there to get ready.

I had no idea that we had so much stuff in our bathroom until we had to take everything out!  Seriously, this is driving my need to be clean and organized into a pretty stressful sate.

Matt’s basket full of stuff, love the chair?? Stay tuned in the future for  makeover; they’re not around just to hold our bath supplies.

Somehow all of this fit into the closet perfectly, now its just a big old mess.

Be jealous the upstairs bathroom! Ok, so you may be thinking, something is missing from this picture, right? Well the toilet did not work and needed to be fixed but some genius built the counter top right over it so there was no way to get to it! My super smart hubby decided to maximize the use of our dumpster and just take it out until we replace it. Yes, I am counting down the days until the master bath is done and this one will become the next project on the list!

Running the wires, second weekend update

This entry contains a ton of text and not so many pictures. Kelly was out of town this weekend visiting her college friends and I wanted to surprise her with a lot of progress. Unfortunately electric work is one of those “behind the scenes” activities where visual confirmation of your progress is lost in yellow wire and blue boxes….

On the bright side; we had a pretty huge milestone this weekend working on the Master Bath remodel. Winston and I (mostly Winston) completely finished all of the additional electric work for the remodel! The thing about running wires and pulling cable is this: it doesn’t look like we did ANYTHING! The thing is, it’s a lot of work and thankfully Winston was pretty great at accommodating to our wish list of things that we wanted to do in this remodel. The good news is that our Master Bath is now on a dedicated circuit from our main electrical panel! We needed this because we’re adding a heated flooring system, two heated mirrors and a new GFI switch on top of everything else that was already there! The reason for this is because we discovered that our Master Bath, upstairs Bath and both of our spare bedrooms all shared a single circuit in form or another. Winston and I decided to run two brand new lines in order to move the Master Bath onto it’s own line and keep the demand for electricity as spread out as possible. Here’s a photo of the vanity area where most of the above ground wiring took place. The two blue boxes in the middle will be where our recessed outlets go to provide power to our heated mirrors. I can’t even lie, I’m so stoked!

We also determined that the dreaded soffit above the vanity did NOT contain a load bearing header which meant that we could safely pull that sucker out! It really opens up the Master Bath and especially the vanity area where we’re going to have a ton of upgrades to show off! I know it looks rough now but image the ceiling that you see in the foreground extending another 2 1/2 feet toward the wall; trust me it’s going to be awesome!

Another project for Winston and I was to decide where the new shower can light was going to go. Kelly and I picked out a darker tile to use and so we wanted to make sure that even with all the lights on, we weren’t taking a shower in the dark! We had to figure out a few things. One of them being where to put the can light so that we don’t hit a joist in the ceiling (very import). Another thing to consider was once we determined the general area we needed to make a decision on how close or far away from the back wall we wanted to put the light. The thing is that the ceiling where the light is going is slanted, therefore the further away from the back wall the less light would actually be in the shower, however, the closer the light to the back wall the more of a risk of it shining in your eyes as you enter the shower. Here’s what we came up with:

One of the last, and I have to admit, coolest things that we completed was preparing the area for the installation of our heated flooring system! We installed a box and some conduit that Winston called “smurf pipe” because it’s got a blue tint to it. This is the pipe where the temperature gauge will go to the floor and read the temperature of the heated flooring system. Winston’s ingenious and figured out a way to curve the pipe at the bottom just in case this gauge goes bad and we have to replace it. I ordered a secondary gauge just in case we ever needed it.