Composting and Gardening and Herbing…oh my!

Kelly and I have been caring for our garden now for a couple of months now and it’s really looking great! We’ve gotten a few ideas from younghouselove and knock-off wood to add a few extra’s to our gardening expertise. We’ve been eyeing composters at the depot and then Kelly stumbles across an idea on younghouselove to just use an old plastic storage container!

Believe me, after 7 or so hours of cleaning out our office and garage we had PLENTY of them laying around. So we drilled some holes (Kelly loved using power tools for this) and I filled it up with a layer of newspaper, 2/3 dirt and 1/3 of grass clippings. We also wanted to start using scraps from the kitchen so we spray painted a locking container (we didn’t want to see the gross-ness inside) and keep it in the freezer to keep the scraps from smelling.  Here are a couple of shots (top and bottom) of our already-paid-for composter!

Like I mentioned before the garden has been growing really well and the last time Kelly saw it she flipped out b/c the leaves on the Zucchini had gotten to be so big! She almost couldn’t believe it: “They’re bigger than my head”! She took a  shot of our broccoli too (which I had no idea could grow to be 3 feet tall).

I also pulled an idea of off knock-off to put a little herb garden together for us. I used 5 cedar (naturally rot and insect resistant) fence posts and some bolt’s, nails, and wood glue to put it all together. I’ve planted some seeds and am eagerly awaiting for them to pop up but for now my aunt Denise gave us a pineapple sage plant and some thyme. Here’s a shot of that bed.  I know that the sage plant is look pretty pittiful, but it’s got a good root system and should come back strong.

We’re hoping that 1) we can use our natural compost this fall or next spring and 2) that as the composte processes it won’t stink or attract too many other pesky bugs.

6/14/2010 – Kelly and I have been pulling Romaine Lettuce from the garden almost from the very beginning. We just recently have been able to enjoy Zucchini and just pulled a cucumber from the garden last night!


A weekend full of organization

If you know me at all, you know I am super organized… well how perfect because I married a man with those same views. This weekend was full of projects around the house to make us more organized.

We started with the office, yes I forgot to take before pictures but maybe that is a good thing. The office is our catch all room in the house since we moved in. We just had tons of stuff that needed to be consolidated but it was not on the top of our list. I have no idea what inspired us to start but 3 hours and 7 trash bags later… Check one more room off the list. ( Yes I know the pictures need to be a little straighter)

I wanted to find a method that worked for all the random office items, I discovered a plastic “dresser” in our other closet. I knew it had found a new home in the office.

After a long day of going up and down the stairs, the last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner… so I convinced the hubby to go to a local pizza place called Big Pie in the Sky. They are famous for their carnivore challenge, 11 pounds of pizza, 2 people, 1 hour… if you win you get $250… We did not try the challenge but did enjoy some amazing pizza.

I have no idea how Matt convinced me to help with the cleaning out the garage after the office but he did. We knew that our only garbage can was already full but still wanted to clean out the garage.

This is mid cleaning….. AHWHWH

I have the wonderful privilege of parking in the garage, I love it! So my side is still clean, we have 2 large recycling boxes full, a ton of boxes to be recycled and a few (5) large black trash bags ready to go.

We are little late for Spring cleaning but we are happy with the outcome!

Our garden is growing!

Kelly and I started a garden this year (you may have seen from a previous post) and it has really taken off! We’ve already had 4 salads from our Romain lettuce and it seems like everything else has doubled in size over the last week. Here are a few pictures of what’s “growing” on with our garden!

This shot shows off our beans, cucumbers, broccoli, and eggplant (which has just come up in  the past few days). Everything came from seed except the broccoli b/c we didn’t start it early enough indoors which is recommended.

                                                                                This next picture shows our baby tomato plants Romain lettuce and a zucchini, or yellow squash plant.

This last shot is a view of the whole thing at once. It’s looking a little over grown but we wanted to test as many plants as we could to see what would do well and what wouldn’t. So far we’re pretty happy with how it’s looking and with the new rain barrel in place we should be able to keep it watered all summer long!

Bring on the rain!

The other day Kelly sent me a link to a DIY webpage tutorial for a build-it-yourself rain barrel. They always make it look so easy (and I always fall for it) but this time it really wasn’t that bad! I had been keeping an eye out for the things that I would need from the Depot and had been asking around my friends and family for a plastic 55 gallon barrel with little or no holes. My good friend, Uncle Chris, came through and scored me an awesome plastic barrel that was just the perfect fit! Here are some photo’s and comments about this eco-friendly money saver.

Here you can see the water barrel, the flex-downspout, the nozzle and the retaining wall bricks that I used to put the whole thing together. I had to cut the original downspout with tin snips and attached the flex pipe with two thick screws that we had left over from our garage door / openers installation. I also used an eye bolt on the left side of the flex pipe and some zip ties to give it some extra support.  All of this sits on top of a three tier retaining wall pit filled with dirt to (a) support the weight of all that water and (b) give the barrel some height since the water will be gravity fed.

The flex pipe sits inside of a drain that I picked up from the Depot wrapped in a sheet of fiberglass screen and secured with a rubber band from our weekly newspaper. This screen is the same stuff used for screen doors and windows. I used fiberglass b/c metal would eventually rust and my filter would have begun to falter.

I drilled a 3/4-inch (I think) whole using a spade bit and attached plane water spigot with rubber washers and nuts on both sides to keep it in place.

Lucky Finds

Hey all, so I experienced my first real garage sale experience. My wonderful future sister-in-law asked me to go to her neighborhood (mine you there are 3 neighborhoods that make up the mega community) to the community wide garage sale. I will tell you that I was nervous, I always feel like I am judging their stuff and being a snob if I walk off without buying anything. (if anyone know me, I love to thrift, so this is odd) So I wanted to get over my fear and start getting goods deals!

The day started out at 6:45 (when I made my hubby get up with me, don’t worry he got his revenge later) I met my sister-in-law at her house at 7:30 ready to go, we made some iced coffee and we were on our way.

Our first stop was just to warm up… but I found a little jem…. I saw a coach purse and of course I had to inspect it. When I walked over to pick it up, the lady said, yes it’s real.. that is all I needed to get a new vintage coach purse… so $10 down! I could of stopped right there because I was so proud of my find!

We had a few more stops and realized the crowds were starting to pick up. We then stopped at the best garage sale ever. I walked up and saw a rack of clothes (I was not looking for clothes, but thought I would just look) I found a Michael Kors dress (designer at a garage sale?) so of course I kept looking. I found this amazing jcrew zebra sweater for just $2.

Then I stumbled upon this little dress, I looked at the label and almost fell over, Lily Pulitzer ( I love here stuff but can’t afford even to buy the label)

I just feel in love with this white dress and it only was $10 🙂 I looked up the pricing online later that day and realized her dresses go for over $250.

Then I found this great blue sweater.

The picture does not do it justice, it’s also a Lilly, at this point I could stop and never go garage sailing again because I found the most amazing finds at one stop! But oh wait, I paid my $22 and was ready to head on to some other finds, but then I saw these.

Cole Hann, my size… yes please! (the new coach is in the background) So $5 more for designer shoes, well of course.

I did find one project for my sweet husband, when we moved we knew that all our ceiling fans needed an update, but we have not found any good deals yet. Later in the day, I found this amazing ceiling fan for $25.

I will take it, never been opened, still in the box!

After just 4 hours of garage sailing we were ready to go home and take a nap, after a really funny (maybe you will all hear the story later) experience at McDonald’s to get a double cheeseburgers… I need a nap. Well since I was nice enough to get my hubby up with me in the morning, he was nice enough to let me take a really short nap 🙂 Love you!


Oh the pillows

I wanted to change out our bedding for the summer for 2 reasons, matt gets really hot in the summer when he sleeps and it’s like getting new bedding without spending a ton each season. So, I found the off-white coverlet I knew it was a match made in heaven!

Of course I had to make new pillows to go with our “summer” bed. I had no idea what I wanted but I knew I wanted something fun and bright! I found this flowered pattern that I loved on clearance at target, it was a table-cloth! I was thinking, it’s cheap, I could make these into pillows… right? Well they started as larger euro size pillows, but  few mistakes and they are now smaller pillows!

Then I wanted one more accent pillow, you get a sneak preview in the picture above. I found this… wait for it…. place mat! Yes, the yellow pillow is a place mat, I just ripped out part of the seam, stuffed it and sewed it together, instant pillow!

Here is the final look…. what do you think?