Something Old; Something Blue?

Most of you know that Kelly is an avid Good-Willer. From what I understand she’s toned it down…A LOT! This post is about an amazing find she made on one of her Good Will trips. A pair of lamps that looked like this:

I have to admit, I didn’t care for them. Luckily Kelly could see how awesome they would be if they were only a different color. Let’s say something like this:

So we tape the lamps up with masking tape and some old newspaper and got them outside for their first (of three) coats of Global Blue. If I’m not careful I’ll use too much paint which will cause it to run. ┬áSo we took our time with each coat. You can see here where I couldn’t exactly get the base coated very well. For the next two coats we put the lamps on a raised surface to do a better job.

Three coats of Global Blue later, and a coat of a clear matte, here’s what we ended up with!

We had to pick up shades for the lamps (unfortunately the most expensive part) but seriously not a big cost when compared to $12 lamps and a few cans of spray paint!

The lamps look great atop our custom-made end tables! I have to admit they look pretty darn awesome!


Thrifty Finds

I have talked about my goodwill finds before and how I used to spend all my money there. I have gotten much better about thinking it through and finding a place for it before I come home with my finds, I went Friday and found just a few things ( I am getting better)

I got this amazing milk glass vase! I love milk glass ­čÖé And you see the awesome flower from our garden!

I also got this white candy dish to go next to our new picture.

And the new white vase for my recent flower adventure.

Flowers that never die

I found this blog a while ago and have been a fan, she did a post on tissue paper flowers. I saw the post a while ago and just had it on my list of projects. I took the plunge this weekend to make a few for around the house. Here is how I did it!

I started with 4 sheets of tissue paper folded in half, a glass with the diameter that I wanted, straight pin, floral wire, scissors, a pot and a foam ball.

The first step is to trace the glass on the tissue paper to make your flowers. Here is what it looks like.

Then you cut out the circles, you have to make sure they stay together…. hold on tight!

Then take the circles and poke two holes with your straight pin.

Then pull both sides to make a steam for the flower.

Then start taking each layer and scrunching it… yeah that is a real technically term huh! Keep doing this till you have all 8 layers done.

Insert the finished flower into your floral ball and you are finished with one, just a few more to go.

Here is the final product!

I got a little excited about the project and did a purple one too.

What do you think?

Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake

Keep calm and carry on….

Have you ever seen the posters that started in Britain? Well I fell in love with the bold colors and text. But of course I wanted something that was a bit closer to my personality, so I wanted this one to sit in our kitchen.

I am in love! KEEP CALM and EAT A CUPCKAE! How perfect for my kitchen. We found it online and maybe printed it off.


I was a winner in the giveaway over at Pam’s blog.(if you have not checked it out you must, just go here) I got whales to make….

my very own shadow box. I am so excited, I raced out right away to get my very own shadowbox frame to get started. I used coupons and got the frame for $9 but can reuse it many times. I got instructions and all these amazing whales to use for my very own shadowbox.

I grouped my whales together to see what layout I wanted to do. Of course I have a few sheets of nice paper leftover from the wedding, let’s just say I may have over ordered a bit.

I marked out where I wanted the whales to go and use foam adhesive dots to put them on, I stole the idea from Pam to have one whale getting away at the bottom.

Check out the final product! I love my new shadowbox, it has a new home in our family room. I like crafty projects!

A new place to sit

I remember when we first moved in I was so worried about not having any where to sit, in a matter of a few weeks, we had two tables… and we mostly eat on the couch in the family room! Well, one day we will start to use the table. But we found these awesome “grandma” chairs on Craigslist. The chairs were from a grandma’s house and we loved them.

I have been looking for fabric to cover the chairs to give it a bit more of our style. I got free cream suede and could not wait to start working on the chairs. I had no idea, and found out very quickly, that foam is expensive! ┬áSo Matt called his friend John, who happens to run a reupholstering business, and we decided it was worth paying him to do the first time so we could get the foam included. We got a stellar deal on the chairs, John suggested we use a darker fabric, we ended up getting this dark brown for FREE (I love FREE) and now we have all 6 chairs (that we don’t use too often) ┬áready to go!

The joys of canning?

Oh the joys of Canning?? I am new to this whole canning experience, my husband knows so much more than me. Matt’s aunt and uncle have an amazing garden that they love to share with us. I like tomatoes but I love the tomatoes from their garden, they have now ruined me for life. So Matt stopped over after work and got these amazing tomatoes, which I have loved eating every single one of them. We’ve had BLT’s, homemade salsa, tomatoes on sandwiches, burgers…. you name it we have had it.

To my surprise he came home with 5 pounds of figs!

What do we do with these? He said, oh it’s easy you just make homemade perseveres.

Here are a few easy steps if you are a first timer like me to making fig preserves!

First take the preserves and put them in a big pan, boil water and pour over the figs. You leave them in the water for 10 minutes. Then you cut the tops off the figs. We cut the figs into quarters to start the canning process.

Heat the jars up, so I was getting a little lazy at this point, so I did not want to get the big canning pot from the garage, so we ended up putting the cans in the sink to get the same effect. We just heated up some water to warm up the jars.

Next step…. it takes forever, just wanted to warn you. Add 6 cups of sugar, yes 6, and 1/4 cup of water; heat the water until the sugar melts.┬á Add the figs and cook them down, this took us about an hour to do. The figs will turn dark brown and the mixture gets real sticky!

After this we put the figs into our hot jars to finish off the product. We then had 5 cans of homemade (by Matt & Kelly) fig perseveres. I felt so Suzy homemaker, it was crazy.

Check out the final product