Euro Trip- Italy

We spent most of our time in Italy exploring Venice and Rome. We loved our experience but both of us agree that we have no desire to visit these two cities again, at least until we have a chance to visit the other dozens of places on our bucket list.

Unfortunately the worst weather was in Venice, it was freezing!!!!

We got lost 129898 times. I mean it’s an island but for some reason they don’t label their streets! We finally figured out where we were for 2 seconds, then would get lost again!

I have a confession, I hate pigeons. I don’t know why but they creep me out, well Matt on the other hand thinks they are just fine. He checked feeding them in Piazza San Marco off his bucket list.

We traveled to Rome on a high speed train, it was awesome, we watched Dodgeball. I wish we had anything similar to this type of transportation in the US.

We made it to Rome and forgot to take into consideration that it gets dark, quick,ย  opps. We went out to our first dinner in Rome and of course had amazing Italian food.

We went to the Colosseum and I got stuck in the Subway doors ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The doors really don’t stop for people, I promise you that. I was trying to be nice and not push my way out of the doors but clearly that is not how it works in Rome, I got stuck in the doors! I seriously had a Hercules moment where I pushed both the doors open with my forearms and escaped the clutches of the Rome subway!

It hurt, I promise!

We threw our coins in the Trevi Foundation. It’s crazy; in Rome you are walking down a side street and then all of the sudden you are at the most gorgeous fountain.

We went to the worlds most mathematically designed, and the oldest Catholic church in Rome; the Pantheon.

Of course we went to the most lavish McDonald’s in the world.ย  When in Rome!

I promise this is the short highlight reel of our trip! We had an amazing once inย  lifetime trip and can’t wait for the next one ๐Ÿ™‚


Euro Trip- Matt’s 30th Birthday

We planned the trip so we would be able to celebrate Matt’s 30th birthday in Europe. His birthday was our travel day from Paris to Venice, so we got to spend his birthday in 3 countries. (I have high expectations for my 30th birthday now ๐Ÿ™‚ )

We left our favorite city and headed back to the airport. Matt is 30 in Paris.

Matt turned 30 in Vienna at the Starbucks airport.

Matt turned 30 in Venice at our hotel.

Since we were going to be out of the country I emailed a few friends and our families to send Matt notes on his birthday, he was very surprised by all the notes.

We had an amazing time celebrating Matt’s birthday on our adventure, he may be disappointed that we are not doing this every birthday but I think he will be ok ๐Ÿ™‚

Euro Trip- Paris

We started planning our EuroTrip 2 years ago for Matt’s 30th birthday. Well the time finally came and it was the most amazing trip ever! We did 3 cities in 10 days and slept when we got back, we did not waste a moment. Here we go! PS we took 1200 pictures, I promise to give you all the highlights!

Before we left the airport!

We started on an overnight flight to Paris, let’s just say this was the worst flight we had ever been on. I have been on a few international flights in my life but this was so bad. Every 30 minutes the flight attendant would come on and let us know that we are going to experience rough air… I am not kidding. How are you suppose to sleep with that. Between both of us we got 3 hours of sleep, if you know us we would have loved a bit more but somehow we managed.

We dropped off our bags at the hotel and then starting exploring Paris. We headed to St. Chapelle, we were the only ones in the church! Stunning ๐Ÿ™‚

We then headed down the street to Notre Dame. We decided to climb all 480 stairs to the top for breathtaking view.

Our second day we started with a full night of sleep, I felt like a new person. We headed to the Eiffel Tower to take pictures before our scheduled time to the top. Oh wait, we mixed up the days and ended up having to go twice, not a bad thing at all.

Matt went all the way to the top, all 900+ feet, I chickened out at the last minute. I don’t have a fear of heights but I do have a fear of glass elevators!

We went to the Lourve, saw the small Mona Lisa and a few others things I wished I remembered from art history.

On ourย  third day we went to the catacombs, it’s a mile and a half underground tunnel of 6 million Persians’ bones, really interesting! We spent our second day at the Eiffel tower and then went to the Arc de Triomphe. We walked down the Champs-Elysees during a Christmas market with 12,000 other people and loved it.

We loved our time in Paris, we both would go back any day. Persians were nice and friendly, I know that sounds shocking from what you hear but we experienced nothing but friendly people. It was so easy to get around and we loved it!