slide to the right… slide to the left

slide to the right… slide to the left, that is now what our back door does! When we first moved in our back door was not even worth opening. It did not slide and was “foggy”

So… we got this gorgeous sliding glass door to replace it. We got a great deal, the original door was $600 and we got it for $125.

My gorgeous husband was painting the wall that we fixed. I think we are pros at fixing cracks in the drywall now.

I know it’s a dark picture, I just did not want to wait on sunshine to take a picture of the finished door. We have been having some crazy weather in Atlanta! We got all the trim up and then put up some curtains. I found these amazing beauties on

A little closer look at the awesome rod that we got from Lowe’s, they have the best prices and selection.

We did have a little fun this weekend with friends but took no pictures 😦


Good Finds at Goodwill

If you know me, I used to be addicted to Goodwill, I mean really. It was sad when you would notice your donated items in the store when you would go! 🙂 I took a break for a few years and realized that I was missing out. There are so many great finds at Goodwill, my Burberry skirt!

So I stopped by yesterday on my way to the Publix.. it’s sort of on the way. I found this gorgeous set of lamps! Jealous?

I got 2 of these beauties for $8.50… so they were suppose to be $8.50 each but I got nervous when she was checking me out and did not want to correct her 🙂 I am thinking spray paint a silver and put above our sink! Thoughts?

Friday Night Out

So it’s rare for us to go out on Friday nights!! Most of you all know us so well and know that we can’t stay up past 9 on a Friday night, we both get up at 5 am all week and by the time Friday comes along, we are worn out.

So… we had a big Friday night out last week. We got free tickets to a concert at the Cobb Energy Center (which is gorgeous) Well we only got a few pictures in the car, of course…. driving while taking pictures is always safe.

I am now in love with Jamie Cullum, I had no idea who he was till we got the tickets, but he is amazing. He is a British, jazz artist. He was simply amazing and so fun to watch. He would randomly start playing a different song, he is so talented.


So, our 2 next major projects are going to be kitchen and master bathroom! (yeah we go big) Right now we are working on collecting materials and getting inspiration, what do you think?

Here is an inspiration for our kitchen.

The more I look, the more I fall in love with white apron sinks, they are simple and amazing. I am realizing a baking pan is very hard to fit in a standard sink and would love a large apron sink.

We want to use our existing cabinets in the kitchen but spice them up. We realized we would rather not spend $10k on cabinets when we can paint/update our existing cabinets. We are going to use bead board to change the faces of the cabinets.

And Matt’s most exciting project is… concrete countertops. We are addicted to the DIY network, it gives us so many ideas. We want to try to make our own countertops for the kitchen, updates in the future.

And here are the ideas for our master bathroom.

We have an all white bathroom right now, white tile/white grout. I think everyday I realize how much I dislike our bathroom, it never looks clean. When we re-do our bathroom, the only white I will want to see is the sinks!

We found so awesome stacked stone on clearance at a local flooring store, we have stocked up on some to build the outside of our shower up. I will post a picture of our bathroom soon, so this makes sense.

We have already found all the tile for the shower walls and floor. It was such an amazing deal!

I am looking for a piece of furniture to use as the vanity, I don’t want to use a typical bathroom vanity, I want to use something different. This is similar to what I want to use but with a flat countertop and white vessel sinks.

So here is a bit of ideas we have for the future… keep checking back for updates!

A weekend full of fun

We found out that we can’t sit still… shocking I know. This weekend we had some plans for friends but still managed to get some projects done on the house. We even sat down for an hour on Sunday before Matt got to stir crazy and had to start a project, oh well I love it.

Here is our new tray on the coffee table, I wanted everything contained on the table just in case we needed to clean if off quickly for an awesome game night?? I found the tray and vase at Ross. I love our tile coasters, they work out great. One of my next projects will be to paint the coffee table.

The fruit bowl, we always have fruit in the house, helps Matt not eat sweets (love you hubby). We have been putting the fruit in a glass bowl but when I found this at Hobby Lobby 80% off, I could not pass it up. I only buy on clearance 🙂

I changed out the pillow on the couch for a “spring” look since it was in the 60’s. I made these pillows for our upstairs couch in the loft area but wanted to spice things up. I went shopping with my friend Ashley this weekend, we were doing home shopping. She is a fabulous interior designer so I love getting her opinion.

It’s not an awesome picture, but this is our new addition to the family room. We have been looking for additional seating in the family room for a few months and decided that a bench was the best way to go. We only had 38 inches to fill up without making the room feel too cluttered, so when I found this beauty and it was exactly 38 inches I knew I was in love.

Here is a close up! We hosted a game night Saturday and boy did it come in handy, we had two additional seats, as long as you don’t mind cuddling up on it. I did have to change out my awesome pillows because they clashed with the new addition.

Spring is right around the corner… so I updated the mantel, I found this great garland around Christmas and have been waiting to put it up. I love the bright yellow… it just makes you smile, right? I am sure you can’t read it but my favorite saying is on the mantel (thanks Mom for the awesome Christmas gift) LIVE LAUGH LOVE

You may be thinking.. is that all they do, but no! We had dinner with Matt’s brother and fiancee, had a game night and celebrated our niece’s 8th birthday.

Dressing up the windows

We just got windows and now it’s time to put up all the curtains I have gotten in the past few months! I know the windows help our house with efficiency but I want them to look pretty too!

Our bedroom! We used to think that our outside was just “dirty” but we just found out it was because our windows were so bad. It’s so nice to be able to see clearly out into our back yard. I found these curtains at JCPenny’s on New Years day when I got all the women out of doing dishes, I am such a smart girl!

Wow… it’s just a window, but it’s so much more. The only window in our master bath had a great view into our neighbors house, well you can also see everything in our bathroom, so we had a solution. We put a window film on the bottom half of the window. We are still able to have the natural light in our bathroom but we are not giving a free show to our neighbors.

Here is my first attempt to make curtains. I wanted to start with the laundry room just in case it turned out horrible. Well I have to admit I am proud of my work, I know curtains are not typical in a laundry room but it makes me happy to go do laundry now (well that may be a lie but still) I think it matches the granny apple green wall color very well.

Welcome to our 80’s kitchen…. well we do have nice new valances above the sink, I think it really ties the kitchen together.

The kitchen table and our bay area. I just noticed that we have two different chairs, opps I have stolen our kitchen chair for a crafting chair. I have added a few touches to the table, I just finished the “center” piece on the table.

This project was almost free… I already owned the cake stand (I have few from the wedding) I put some decorative rocks as a base and candles from all over the house. I love the different heights and colors.

I promise to be better about taking pictures of all our projects…. I have to take more pictures to be able to convince Matt that a “good” camera is needed.