Don’t take it for Granite

We are so close and we are not taking it for granite ( I am nerd).  We got granite installed above our custom vanity that Matt built (I have an amazing husband) and in the shower for ledges. The vessel sinks are in and just waiting to put in the faucets.


We have Paint

We are making progress!!! The walls are painted and I am in love. We went with a lighter artichoke green in the water closet to really lighten it up, it’s such a small space we wanted to make it bright. The main part of the bathroom is a teal/green/blue color, it’s bright and goes very well with the darker tile.

The shower is 90% done, the only thing we are missing is the glass walls. We went with the subway style pattern vertically on the wall, we love the way it makes the shower look even bigger. Matt convinced me that we should tile the ceiling and I am so happy, I love it. We have a small can light in the shower which is amazing, (if you are in our area we have amazing tile guy to send you to)! Also, we wanted to make sure we did something that was unique, so we put stacked stone in the bathroom. To be honest they mostly sell this for fireplaces but we like to be different. It looks great in the video but much better in person!

Tile Me

As I mentioned I got an iPhone and don’t know how I lived without it before! So I got really excited when the tile guy started and I could record the progress everyday. We were feeling a bit behind because we were not making as quick of progress as you know we would like, so when the tile finally got started it was refreshing!

The video is the first day of tiling, the floor is finished and the walls of the shower are going up.