Salted Caramel Goodness

Pam and I had another cupcake day 🙂 I now think I am a pro since I have the correct frosting tip.

I have no idea where I found this recipe, I am so sorry if it’s you but I knew I needed to make it. First start with any type of cake mix that you want, I had butter fudge, yes it’s amazing. Then I warmed caramel with sea salt in the microwave to put into the center of the cupcakes.

Watch out this can get messy! Next frost with homemade butter cream frosting.

Yummy, a little bit of a mess but so worth it! For some reason I could not find heath bars at Publix, do they make them anymore? So I went with the next best thing, Kit-Kats 🙂 We smashed some up to put on top and of course added more caramel.

Yummy!!!! How do they look?

Please notice all these amazing pictures were taken by Pam, I am sure you can notice the difference. Thanks Pam 🙂


Our Reading Nook

Remember when I made this custom piece of artwork and talked about my dream for the reading nook, well we are not a step closer yet but I thought I would share what we are starting with.

I have had this chair since high school and it’s just not that comfy anymore, did I just admit that I have gotten older!!?! Well, I would love a larger chair or small couch, it’s a pretty big corner. The ottoman needs a bit of an update, don’t try to sit on this one or you will sink to the ground!

Here is a look at the full corner, we do get tons of light in our bedroom with the two large windows. Now you can see the space we are working with! Stay tuned for updates, it’s not on the top of our list but I am always on the lookout!

A little Romance

So here’s our Valentines night fun; only a few days late. We don’t go all crazy we just make it an excuse to spend time together. I made dinner and Matt made a wonderful red velvet cake.

It looked amazing!

Then it happened to be girl scout cookie day! I have issues saying no to girl scouts since I can remember when it was up to me to sell all those cookies! For some reason we always end up with way to many boxes. Also, to let you in on a little secret, we have already finished the tagalongs and yes I am sure I ate 90%!

I heart Organizing

If you have know me for more than 5 minutes you know I love to organize. So of course I love the site 🙂 It’s like an OCD organizer dreams coming true.

So after looking at our fridge I realized I had to find a new solution.

It felt so cluttered and dis-organized, that is not make me feel happy. Ps, do you like my apron collection?

So I found these 3 awesome white baskets with magnets to organize all our important paper that we need to hold on to.

Thoughts? Are you in love? Oh wait that is just me! The first basket keeps our recycle program and what is allowed, very important 🙂

The second basket holds our sermon notes and save the dates! (hey that’s you Lauren or just Eric’s head)

There is a third basket but it’s not full but I am sure I will find something 😉


MLK Day Lights

Kelly and I have been talking can lights for the kitchen for months! I can’t say years but it still feels that long. My good friend Winston came over on MLK Day to help knock out a few electrical projects. One of these projects, and the one that caused the most trouble, was installing 5 can lights in our kitchen. There were several reasons that we wanted can lighting installed in the kitchen. One is b/c our 4 foot fluorescent light made a constant humming (annoying) sound that drove us loco! We also wanted to move the fan from the breakfast area (totally didn’t make sense) and move it over to where the stove was to help keep the kitchen cool. Another, more obvious reason,  is because can lights put out so much more light and we’re looking forward to showing off our new kitchen! Here’s a shot of the 4 foot fluorescent:

So to get started we pulled out the old fluorescent light and started the painstaking process of figuring out several key elements for this process including where were we going to pull power from and where, specifically, were we going to install the can lights.

A couple of hours later we had the power issue figured out and all of the holes and wires ready for the can lights!

Once all of the holes where cut out and the wires pulled through we were ready to start installing the cans!

We knew that we’d make a bit of a mess so we put down a tarp to help catch as much of the dust and debris as possible.

Here are a couple shots of what the new lighting looks like now!

Something old

I would admit I am a pro at thriftiness, it’s always been a joy but I am definitely new to the world of antiquing. I just have never really been into but I realized I was missing out.

On my fun day with Pam, we stopped by an HUGE antique shop and I found two gems!

10 points if you can guess what this is! I have no idea but I still love it, it has found a new home holding our rings in the kitchen. I don’t love to cook with my rings on because knowing me I would do something dumb, so I usually take them off when I am doing any real cooking and put in a dish on the window sill. They have had a home in a pumpkin candle holder but I realized that it was time for an upgrade. I found “this” and I love it.

It looks wonderful on the sill and looks great next to my flowers my hubby got me for my birthday (note there are more flowers, I just like to spread them out in different places and vases to make them last)

I also found this amazing milk glass bowl, I have a slight obsession with milk glass, just in case you didn’t know already.

Matt thinks the top edge looks like little people holding hands and touching toes and now it makes me laugh but I am ok with that.

Taking you back to 6th grade

Remember when you used to carve your name into a tree to declare to the world your love? Well now, we just change our relationship status on facebook. I had a craft/antiquing/cupcake day with my friend Pam.

I first heard of this idea from Joi over at her blog. I have had this on my list for some time! So Pam had already mastered this project and we did it together. I have found a new tool that I am saving up for, the Silhouette, yes I need to own one!

It was super easy we designed the letters (or I watched as Pam did in amazement) cut out the paper, used some double sided tape and framed! Wow instant art.

And it found a new home in our bedroom in the future reading nook. My thoughts for this corner of our master is to make it a comfortable reading place. My ideas are to have a comfy chair, side table and some more lighting I will add it to this list.

Well I am in love with it. When we were hanging this awesome picture, I discovered my sock was wet, yes it had been raining but I was inside. I soon discovered the whole curtain was wet… weird right. Oh wait we found this!

I can’t get the picture to turn, don’t ask! But do you see the large amount of water under the paint! How awesome!! We have a leak in our bedroom window 😦 We had most of the windows replaced last year, so it’s under warranty, just a paint to get it fixed. Oh yeah they will be fixing the dry wall too, I will make sure they do 🙂

So much for a peaceful reading area, add it to the list.