I am a designer

I found out I can be a designer, can you believe it? I can make my own mod boards on this amazing site I found called Oliboard.

It’s like that first time you got Facebook, remember when you spent 4 hours without moving away from your screen because you found your best friend from 3rd grade! It’s that same effect with Oliboard, you get to design your own boards for any room, it’s so much fun, I could spend a few hours on here very easily.

I started with our family room, this is my first stab at it,  no laughing just yet.

What do you think about the couch? I want a brown leather couch for the family room and I really love this one. I love that is has structure but it still looks comfy. With my allergies leather seems to be the best route for us to go. I’ll keep you updated but I don’t think a new couch is in our immediate future, no matter how many I find that I love.

I had to try out another one for the master bathroom that will be re-done very soon; yes can’t wait! I am so ready to get rid of the white tile, white grout and midget sized vanity!

I can’t decide on a square or round mirror, thoughts? We are putting in a custom vanity that my sweet hubby built; it looks like the white table, pictured here, but about 6 feet long.

Also, I put in a few color ideas, we are going to have gray / brown tile and stacked stone, I wanted the walls to stand out, here are a few ideas.


A DIY Pendant Light

Since our kitchen lighting has changed, we realized we need a new light fixture above the kitchen table. I know don’t be jealous of this amazing ceiling fan that was over the table.

I went looking for an amazing lamp and found this one at overstock.

But yes I looked at the price tag ($170) and just wanted to keep my money.

I went with my friend Lauren (she has an amazing blog) to the Habitat for Humanity Restore and found an amazing lamp shade. I love the shape and coloring. I figured you could make a pendant lamp out of it 🙂 haha

My amazing husband is so handy, I love that! We went to Home Depot and got all the supplies we needed. By the way go on a week night they are so helpful!

We got 2 feet of small chain to make sure we could make the lamp shade hang even.

A bit of a confusing picture but it is all hooked up to a larger chain to support the weight of the lamp.

The lamp is not directly in the center of the table so we made a few adjustments to make it centered, check out my hubby 🙂

Amazing right? I can’t believe a simple lamp shade turned into amazing pendant light!

What do you think? Thoughts?



A Manly Barn Update

We made a long list of projects for 2011 and made sure they were all possible. Our first project was to give the barn a face lift, supposedly flowers on the door are not manly? We can not find a before picture 😦 but here is the after!

Wow, we just love opps paint! It costs $5 to give the barn a face lift!

Putting holes in the wall

I think it stressed Matt out that I already wanted to put holes in the walls in the upstairs bedrooms. My sweet husband really knows how to paint a room, including the all the prep work so that it looks amazing. I understand where he is coming from now but I still wanted the room have something on the walls since I avoided putting anything up when the walls were that previous color.

We put up my sister frame that my sister made me for my high school graduation.

Then we put up our custom fabric artwork that we made a while ago. Like I said before it never made it up on the wall when it was that previous color; we knew we would that we were going to change the color.

The true color is off in the pictures; it’s hard to get the true color with my point and shoot (hint hint)! One of these days I will have a nice camera and be able to impress you all with much better pictures on the blog, watch out!

I Heart You

I needed something simply to update the front door for a bit, yes I love making new wreaths. I made this one last year, but finished it about a week after Valentines Day so it wasn’t even worth hanging up. It’s like a brand new wreath!

Here is a close up, it’s all felt circles!

A litte bit late but Day 5

I know you are wondering “What happened on stuck in the house day 5”?  Well, Matt started working on new matching night stands for our bedroom.

They just need to be sanded, a few coats of paint/stain and the hardware. I am so excited, I can’t wait! Matt or I will give you a full post when they are finished.

If you have not visited the most amazing site for free furniture designs you are missing out, stop by Ana White. This is where we find most of our furniture that Matt builds. It’s hard to go back to paying for furniture when you have an amazing husband that can custom build from free plans.

My sister in law came over so that we could make cake pops together. First start with your cook book, mine is signed by the author.

Then take 3 hours to make cake pops, I have no idea how to make the process go any quicker, one day I’ll figure it out. We thought we were going to make cute cupcakes this time around, but these “simple” round ones are difficult enough for now!

They are so yummy! They’re dark chocolate cake with cream cheese icing and we did a mix of milk chocolate and white chocolate coatings!

Stuck in the house day 4

I didn’t think it possible but we are off for a 4th day of work due to the snow/ice. I was joking with the hubby and thinking what do we do on day 4, we have already relaxed, completed a few projects around the house, cleaned and finished all the remaining laundry!

So I found another free project that I have been wanting to tackle. I already had the materials I just needed to sit down to get started.

Remember the cranberry wreath in the kitchen?

Well, I decided to reuse the wreath form because the cranberries’ days were numbered.

I found this amazing post on Whipperberry, it’s an amazing blog and if you’re not reading it then you should be!

I remembered that I had some burlap upstairs and decided to start this project.

Close up!

I guess I started to run out of doors to put wreaths on, so I am coming up with creative places to put them all over the house.

Also, I have started a cork collection; watch out it’s already over flowing!


In other non craft news, we got a new loan (to replace an existing) to help with our payoff plan! My hubby is so amazing with finances 🙂