House updates

I have learned a house is a work in progress! If you know us, you know that we love to have everything in it’s place… well if it does not a place to go… then it just sits on the floor 😉  So I am working on being ok with that! I am learning to be ok with toilets in the hallway, the lights not working upstairs, the boxes on the floor….. but here are some of the things we have been able to work on.

The mail table 🙂 I love this little area to put our keys and mail on. We no longer can lose our keys!


Of course the closets are my favorite part… 🙂



More house updates in the future! One step at a time, that is what I have to keep telling myself!


A Fall Sunday

Matt and I had a wonderful fall Sunday. We went to church and I was rockin my new boots! My wonderful sister picked these up when we were gone! They just make me think of fall!


Matt enjoyed some yard work 😉 and I made turkey chilli! Our yard is coming along, I am working on enjoying yard work… we will see! dsc01779

 We then carved some pumpkins! We wanted to do something different this year. We decided to do M&K on the pumpkins. We got this great tool in order to make things “easier”. Well, it didn’t work out , but my handy husband found a way to make it work. Yes, that is a drill bit on the top of the pumpkin tool!



The finished product! We were really impressed and it looked great out on the front porch!



After all our hard work, we enjoyed a movie The Proposal and some hot apple cider. I have no idea how I ever lived up North for so long, I was freezing last night! I was wrapped up in my snuggie, yes I said snuggie… they are wonderful!