Is it Fall yet?

I am so ready for fall I already decorated our house… yeah it’s still in the 90’s but a girl can wish huh?

So I got out just a few decorations to hold me over till the cooler weather makes it our way.

Our mantel with a few pumpkins and leaves helps!

And a little bit of fun falls “stuff” by the front door. Yeah I don’t know what to call it but it looks fun!


Labor of cupcakes

So my labor day fun was making dark chocolate cupcakes filled with cream cheese frosting and frosted with cream cheese frosting. Yummy!

I started with a dark chocolate cake  mix in fun wrappers!

They are so fun!

Next make homemade cream cheese frosting… lots and lots of powder sugar.

To make them special I filled the insides with cream cheese icing.

Then enjoy! I mean that is the theme in my kitchen.

More Pillows.. really?

I just can’t stop changing the pillows on our bed! (it’s fun) I went to Target unsupervised, I know I am not allowed to but I broke the rules. I of course was walking around to all my favorite spots (anything with the orangeish red clearance sticker on it) I can spot those babies from across the way.

I was walking down the pillow isle and found these beauties!

I am in love, they look great with our summer bedding and I can’t wait to see what they look like with our winter bedding. Yes, I change our bedding for the season, Matt gets so hot when he sleeps so in the summer we use a lighter coverlet. So look forward to an update on winter bedding… it’s right around the corner right?

Paint Sample Art

You said what? Paint sample art.. really you are crazy! But no I am serious, I found this project and could not wait to try it out. I never feel guilty getting paint samples from Home Depot since we spend most of our money there anyways. I wanted to do a paint sample art for our new floating shelves. I got a ton of new “fall” colors, I am hoping by doing this it will be fall soon, oh wait it’s still in the 90’s.

Take the paint samples and use a square cutting tool to make them all uniform. (I did one before that showcased my inability to cut out straight squares).

Look at that fall color!

Then start by using double sided tape to put your squares on your paper. I just did a random pattern to fill the frame.

Then finish off the square place in your frame and there you go instant art!

I love this, it’s so fun and was super easy to create.

Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover

I have a folder in my email called “Projects”.  I find awesome projects online and eventually want to try them out, so I file them away with the link to make sure I remember all these great ideas. I found this wreath project over at Blue Cricket Design, it has so many fun ideas.

The wreath is made out of an old book, so find an old book in your house that you already had in the “take to Goodwill bag” and bring it back to life.

I used the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, I loved the book and wanted to pass it along… but instead it’s our new wreath.

First start by tearing out the pages, yes this is harder than it looks because you want to make sure it’s not all jagged. I got out enough sheets to get started.

Next take the pages and fold them around a pencil to form this shape, it looks funny but it will come together.

Next dip the end into some glue and stick to your wreath form. Hold for a few seconds, I got impatient (shocking if you know me) and a few fell off at the beginning, I learned my lesson and held on for a bit longer the next time.

Here is close up of the finished product!

And here is our new wreath on our door, it was suppose to go on the front door but it was too big to fit with the storm door, so we get to admire it inside now!