I remember how to sew

I got a sewing machine from my great grandma for a wedding present. Well I just got around to setting it up and it took a bit to remember where everything went; with a little help from my mom, we were up and running. I attempted my first project… pillows!

My first pillow! It looks awesome in our loft!

I was really proud! I am loving the flowers šŸ™‚ So please look forward to many more sewing projects.


My 25th Birthday

I turned the big 2-5 Monday. Matt surprised me with a dinner at the Melting Pot. It was so yummy, we were so full by the time we left!

Yes, I am 25 haha! The steam did not help the picture turn out.

My cute husband! Next time I will try not to forget the camera.. blackberry pics do not turn out as well.

I was feeling crafty…

I finally feel like life has calmed down a bit, no more planning for a wedding, buying a house, super busy at work or going out of town. So here are a few projects that I have been working on, they have been in my mind for some time but here they are.

I made a ton of these flowers for the wedding and now they are just sitting in a box. I did not want all my hard work to go to waste… so I had my trusty hot glue gun and turned them into flowers. I know it’s not ground breaking but I think they look good.

This vase is on our mailĀ table, it makes getting mail more fun??? well not really but I like it!

I also put some white flowers in the bathroom! We love the DIY network and have so many plans for our bathroom, just need the money to do all those projects!

I went to Goodwill for the first time here in Kennesaw. If you know me at all, you used to know that I had an addiction to Goodwill in Medina. I have learned to control it but love a good find. I got these 3 candle pillars, they help complete the mantel, don’t you love the speakers.

I really a proud of this find. I got all 3 for $4.50, thanks Mom for going with me.

So we keep it a bit cold in our house for a few reasons. We have hardwood floors and tall ceilings, so we keep it cold to save money, but sometimes you have to bundle up to keep warm. My cute husband like to wear his winter hat around.

I was really cold this night and had my favorite blanket on… and my hat I got in Germany. I don’t really wear that around all the time, just some of the really cold days we have here in Georgia.

Our Craigslist Kithen Table

Kelly found this amazing table on Craigslist. It came with two chairs and was in really great condition for the price.

We really liked the table but knew that we wanted to make some cosmetic changes to it.Ā  Here you can see we tried to strip the clear coating off the table in the kitchen (not a good idea). We eventually moved out project into the garage b/c of the mess we were making. The table, and the chairs ended up receiving a full on sanding from a hand sander and up to 4 coats of a dark walnut stain. We also put on two coats of a clear finish and are pretty pleased with how they turned out …

Pine Trees and a Pine Pantry

Ā Ā 

We hired Parker’s Tree Service in Acworth to remove 5 of our biggest Pine trees near the house. We needed to have them removed for 2 main reasons (1) the moisture around our house was never drying out b/c the trees provided too much shade on the west side of our house, and (2) is because our gutters were constantly becoming clogged from all the pine needles that were dropping. Here’s a shot of the yard minus the 5 trees.

The pantry has been a work in progress for some time. The doors are done but won’t beĀ attached untilĀ later this weekend. More pictures to come!

Here’s the finished pantry with doors! I still need to do some sanding and it’ll need at least two coats of paintĀ but it’s definitely useable. Kelly started moving things in right away and the shot below gives you an idea of what it looks like with all sorts of goodies in it.Ā 

I used the leftover 1×4’s and some beadboard for an idea that our friend Ashley Gentile gave us. I added the beadboard under the coat hooks on one of the outside kitchen walls. Here’s what it looks like, just keep in mind it’ll need sanding and two coats of paint just like the pantry.