A safe haven for craftyness

We finally sold the media center and the big chair in our loft!! Here is what was in the media center!

So I had to figure out where to put all my sewing and craft stuff!! The office was my first choice I didn’t want everything just sitting in the office till it found a new home, since we are starting the master bathroom project this weekend I wanted to figure something out quickly! We are so lucky to have a few closets in our house, so we came up with a plan, turn the closet in the upstairs hallway into a craft/sewing/extra towels and sheets closet! But wait, we had to clean all of this out first!

Yes, every house needs 3 shop vacs (2 in the garage and 1 upstairs)! We started by getting everything out of the closet to see with what we were working it.

My sweet husband always does the job without cutting any corners, so we pulled out the old shelves and patched all the holes. Then I realized why I am never allowed to touch a paint brush in our house ever again, but I painted the walls white! (you may be thinking, how can you mess up white on white but yes there is a way)

My amazing husband had the vision to make this the most efficient closet ever and put 2 full wrap around shelves in the closet, it’s amazing! It might be my new hang out spot!

Also, during this time I re-organized everything from the office and media center to all fit in the closet! Welcome to the safe haven for crafty-ness!

I am in love! Everything has it’s place and it so easy to find!


Est 2009

I wanted to make a sign for our family and when we were established! So when I got my silhouette I knew this project was finally on my list. When Pam was over we decided to tackle this together, so glad and we found out it was super easy.

We cute out the letters on our silver vinyl.

And then used the awesome transfer paper to put it on the mirror.

How does it look?

Yes, I am a goofball!

It has a new home on our shelves in the dinning room!

Again all these amazing pictures were taken Pam again. Stay tuned to my pictures next time!

Give me an M, Give me a K

I can’t remember where I found this idea (sorry) but I wanted to make custom letters for our house for our new floating shelves. It’s a really quick project but looks amazing.

First you get letters from any craft store, I was lucky the letters were already white so I did not need to paint them.


Then find scrapbook paper that you are in love with and cut out the shape of the letter to match. I used craft glue to get the paper on the letters. Don’t they look awesome! I did an M and K to put on our new floating selves.

How do they look?

ps.. I am still working on decorating the shelves! And yes I can’t remember when I wrote this post, but it’s old and just realized I had not posted it! 🙂

Taking you back to 6th grade

Remember when you used to carve your name into a tree to declare to the world your love? Well now, we just change our relationship status on facebook. I had a craft/antiquing/cupcake day with my friend Pam.

I first heard of this idea from Joi over at her blog. I have had this on my list for some time! So Pam had already mastered this project and we did it together. I have found a new tool that I am saving up for, the Silhouette, yes I need to own one!

It was super easy we designed the letters (or I watched as Pam did in amazement) cut out the paper, used some double sided tape and framed! Wow instant art.

And it found a new home in our bedroom in the future reading nook. My thoughts for this corner of our master is to make it a comfortable reading place. My ideas are to have a comfy chair, side table and some more lighting I will add it to this list.

Well I am in love with it. When we were hanging this awesome picture, I discovered my sock was wet, yes it had been raining but I was inside. I soon discovered the whole curtain was wet… weird right. Oh wait we found this!

I can’t get the picture to turn, don’t ask! But do you see the large amount of water under the paint! How awesome!! We have a leak in our bedroom window 😦 We had most of the windows replaced last year, so it’s under warranty, just a paint to get it fixed. Oh yeah they will be fixing the dry wall too, I will make sure they do 🙂

So much for a peaceful reading area, add it to the list.

I Heart You

I needed something simply to update the front door for a bit, yes I love making new wreaths. I made this one last year, but finished it about a week after Valentines Day so it wasn’t even worth hanging up. It’s like a brand new wreath!

Here is a close up, it’s all felt circles!

Stuck in the house day 4

I didn’t think it possible but we are off for a 4th day of work due to the snow/ice. I was joking with the hubby and thinking what do we do on day 4, we have already relaxed, completed a few projects around the house, cleaned and finished all the remaining laundry!

So I found another free project that I have been wanting to tackle. I already had the materials I just needed to sit down to get started.

Remember the cranberry wreath in the kitchen?

Well, I decided to reuse the wreath form because the cranberries’ days were numbered.

I found this amazing post on Whipperberry, it’s an amazing blog and if you’re not reading it then you should be!

I remembered that I had some burlap upstairs and decided to start this project.

Close up!

I guess I started to run out of doors to put wreaths on, so I am coming up with creative places to put them all over the house.

Also, I have started a cork collection; watch out it’s already over flowing!


In other non craft news, we got a new loan (to replace an existing) to help with our payoff plan! My hubby is so amazing with finances 🙂

DIY Sunburst Mirror

I have been looking at the sunburst mirror on West Elm for a while but of course I knew there had to be a way to do it cheaper. I turned to my craft/house blogs to find a  DIY way to make a sunburst mirror.

Here is my version of a sunburst mirror.

Start with a mirror with a rim, glue gun, sticks and white spray paint.

It was a bit of trail and error to get it even all the way around, but I will leave that out!

We cut the sticks at 5 different lengths to give it a star look and then started at the center and went to town with the hot glue.

Yeah, so it’s really hard to pick it up but it’s worth it, I am not in love with the orange… spray paint is wonderful.

Finished product!