Upstairs / Final Bath Renovation

It’s hard to believe that we’ve completed our final bathroom renovation in our home! Now that this project is complete people ask us if we’re done; I don’t think we’ll ever be completely “done” improving our home until we move out sometime way on down the line. Here are some pictures and comments talking about the process from start to finish. Enjoy!

This first shot doesn’t show the bathroom in it’s bare-bones status after we pulled out the vanity, toilet, sheet rock, vinyl flooring, sub-flooring, and cultured marble around the tub. What you can see here is the new mold-resistant green-rock as well as the cement board for the tub surround and the first of two 4″ can lights to give the shower a little more lighting. With a short ceiling and a shower curtain it get’s pretty dark in there!

Here are a few more pictures including the huge soffit above the shower area and the new ceiling, the small section of sheet rook above the door that was still decent enough to leave in place, and the corner of the bathroom for the vanity.

The next step, after closing off all the incoming and outgoing water pipes, patching the sheet rock holes and seams, and a few other items considered “prep” work, we were able to start installing the tile. Picking out tile size, color, and pattern can be a difficult task but luckily for us we have a few friends in the business who have seen many other tile installations and can give us a better idea of how the finished product will look. Here you can see we’ve screwed levels to the wall to start the tub surround. The trick here is to make sure that the first row is perfectly level; after that the rest of your rows will be nice and straight!

This is a great picture of the tub surround and ceiling in progress. We decided to do a staggered brick pattern on the walls and ceiling. Even though the tiles are square shape the brick pattern is simply one of our favorites!

Here’s a shot of the finished product minus the grout of course!

You probably notice that there are triangular-shaped shelves in the shower. Here’s a closer look at the left and right hand side shelves:

As we waited for the tiles in the shower to set we went ahead and had the floor tiles installed. This pattern, herringbone, is so awesome! We love how it breaks up the pattern on the shower walls and ceiling. Looking back we may like it better than the brick pattern in our master bathroom but we’re not changing that any time soon!

Here’s a closer look at the herringbone pattern with a the threshold, grout, and (because it’s travertine) a coat of color enhancer:

Here are pictures of the final product including a new vanity and sink, the old / new toilet, a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and walls, towel hooks, baseboard, shower curtain, mirror, and light fixture!


Don’t take it for Granite

We are so close and we are not taking it for granite ( I am nerd).  We got granite installed above our custom vanity that Matt built (I have an amazing husband) and in the shower for ledges. The vessel sinks are in and just waiting to put in the faucets.

We have Paint

We are making progress!!! The walls are painted and I am in love. We went with a lighter artichoke green in the water closet to really lighten it up, it’s such a small space we wanted to make it bright. The main part of the bathroom is a teal/green/blue color, it’s bright and goes very well with the darker tile.

The shower is 90% done, the only thing we are missing is the glass walls. We went with the subway style pattern vertically on the wall, we love the way it makes the shower look even bigger. Matt convinced me that we should tile the ceiling and I am so happy, I love it. We have a small can light in the shower which is amazing, (if you are in our area we have amazing tile guy to send you to)! Also, we wanted to make sure we did something that was unique, so we put stacked stone in the bathroom. To be honest they mostly sell this for fireplaces but we like to be different. It looks great in the video but much better in person!

Tile Me

As I mentioned I got an iPhone and don’t know how I lived without it before! So I got really excited when the tile guy started and I could record the progress everyday. We were feeling a bit behind because we were not making as quick of progress as you know we would like, so when the tile finally got started it was refreshing!

The video is the first day of tiling, the floor is finished and the walls of the shower are going up.

The unexpected alarm clock

We went out for a friend’s birthday Saturday night, so we decided not to set the alarm and just wake up when we wanted to. So we are sleeping like babies and BOOM! Well some people might know what fell but when your house feels like a construction zone sometimes you may have to wonder. At first we checked the master bathroom, nope everything looked in tack. We checked both the closets (yes my closet organizer fell out 3 times in my townhouse because I had so many clothes) and it was not in there.

We got back into bed and just could not stop thinking about what made a huge noise. So Matt went to the dinning room and realized that one of our floating shelves had a causality! The top shelf (of course) took a dive to the floor, taking out a few things in its path.

What a fun way to wake up!

Where are you two getting ready?

I know, for the past 3 weeks you’ve all been asking yourselves, “Where do you two get ready since you don’t have a master bathroom at the moment”? Maybe we’re the only one’s asking ourselves that…

We are very lucky that we have 2 1/2 bathrooms in our  house. So with one out of commission means we are down to 1 1/2 (just in case your math skills need a little help).

You have seen our amazing half bath makeover here and our really bad looking upstairs bathroom! So we have been up stairs in the fish bathroom, it makes me want the master done like, yesterday! We are very lucky to have the upstairs shower but it’s so hard to get up in the morning knowing that you have to up there to get ready.

I had no idea that we had so much stuff in our bathroom until we had to take everything out!  Seriously, this is driving my need to be clean and organized into a pretty stressful sate.

Matt’s basket full of stuff, love the chair?? Stay tuned in the future for  makeover; they’re not around just to hold our bath supplies.

Somehow all of this fit into the closet perfectly, now its just a big old mess.

Be jealous the upstairs bathroom! Ok, so you may be thinking, something is missing from this picture, right? Well the toilet did not work and needed to be fixed but some genius built the counter top right over it so there was no way to get to it! My super smart hubby decided to maximize the use of our dumpster and just take it out until we replace it. Yes, I am counting down the days until the master bath is done and this one will become the next project on the list!

Running the wires, second weekend update

This entry contains a ton of text and not so many pictures. Kelly was out of town this weekend visiting her college friends and I wanted to surprise her with a lot of progress. Unfortunately electric work is one of those “behind the scenes” activities where visual confirmation of your progress is lost in yellow wire and blue boxes….

On the bright side; we had a pretty huge milestone this weekend working on the Master Bath remodel. Winston and I (mostly Winston) completely finished all of the additional electric work for the remodel! The thing about running wires and pulling cable is this: it doesn’t look like we did ANYTHING! The thing is, it’s a lot of work and thankfully Winston was pretty great at accommodating to our wish list of things that we wanted to do in this remodel. The good news is that our Master Bath is now on a dedicated circuit from our main electrical panel! We needed this because we’re adding a heated flooring system, two heated mirrors and a new GFI switch on top of everything else that was already there! The reason for this is because we discovered that our Master Bath, upstairs Bath and both of our spare bedrooms all shared a single circuit in form or another. Winston and I decided to run two brand new lines in order to move the Master Bath onto it’s own line and keep the demand for electricity as spread out as possible. Here’s a photo of the vanity area where most of the above ground wiring took place. The two blue boxes in the middle will be where our recessed outlets go to provide power to our heated mirrors. I can’t even lie, I’m so stoked!

We also determined that the dreaded soffit above the vanity did NOT contain a load bearing header which meant that we could safely pull that sucker out! It really opens up the Master Bath and especially the vanity area where we’re going to have a ton of upgrades to show off! I know it looks rough now but image the ceiling that you see in the foreground extending another 2 1/2 feet toward the wall; trust me it’s going to be awesome!

Another project for Winston and I was to decide where the new shower can light was going to go. Kelly and I picked out a darker tile to use and so we wanted to make sure that even with all the lights on, we weren’t taking a shower in the dark! We had to figure out a few things. One of them being where to put the can light so that we don’t hit a joist in the ceiling (very import). Another thing to consider was once we determined the general area we needed to make a decision on how close or far away from the back wall we wanted to put the light. The thing is that the ceiling where the light is going is slanted, therefore the further away from the back wall the less light would actually be in the shower, however, the closer the light to the back wall the more of a risk of it shining in your eyes as you enter the shower. Here’s what we came up with:

One of the last, and I have to admit, coolest things that we completed was preparing the area for the installation of our heated flooring system! We installed a box and some conduit that Winston called “smurf pipe” because it’s got a blue tint to it. This is the pipe where the temperature gauge will go to the floor and read the temperature of the heated flooring system. Winston’s ingenious and figured out a way to curve the pipe at the bottom just in case this gauge goes bad and we have to replace it. I ordered a secondary gauge just in case we ever needed it.