A tea party for two

Well the tea party was for a little more than two but it’s really for my sister and her new little one that’s on the way! If you don’t know, I am going to be an aunt in July to a new little niece.

My wonderful mother and I hosted the shower at my parents house. I have amazing aunts and a grandma that helped (they are wonderful)

I had to use a few of my skills to help decorate; I find way too many ideas on blogs and not enough time to do them all! I made my first pendant banner!

I also made a TON of tissue paper flowers to put in tea pots around the living room. (PS my sister loves all things Disney)

Here is a glimpse of what I made for my sister. Of course I had to try out a my new skills and make her a onesie with a tutu! Yes that is minni mouse on the front. Also, I made her a nursing cover!

My mom likes themes and she thought that my sisters new little one needed bunnies! I love you Mom, I hope you remember my blog address since I have told you 100 times and see this 😉

I have to give a shout out to my friend Pam, she is amazing and made the best cupcakes ever! I also have to give her credit since she was nice of enough to take all the pictures! 🙂


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