I get a F in blogging

Wow if I got a grade for the month of May for blogging I would be getting my first F ever! Wow thanks for still being my friends even though I have been the worst blogger, there are a few reasons why I have been MIA but for the most part we have been so busy!

A few highlights for the month of May, the bathroom is almost done! Yes we have spent every last free second on the bathroom!! I am so ready to have a life again on the weekends 🙂 We helped to host a couples shower at our home, I threw my sisters shower this past weekend at my parents house and a few other projects that have kept us busy.

Here is a small preview of the awesomeness yet to come!!

Please forgive my bad blogging for May, I promise to get better 🙂


2 thoughts on “I get a F in blogging

  1. I am obsessed with the bathroom…. yall are doing an amazing job. I suck at blogging too… it’s cool. Lets make a “we suck at keeping our blogs updated” club. 🙂

  2. Aw you can’t leave us hanging like that, post more pictures!:) I’m dying to see the end product, now hurry it up;)

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