A safe haven for craftyness

We finally sold the media center and the big chair in our loft!! Here is what was in the media center!

So I had to figure out where to put all my sewing and craft stuff!! The office was my first choice I didn’t want everything just sitting in the office till it found a new home, since we are starting the master bathroom project this weekend I wanted to figure something out quickly! We are so lucky to have a few closets in our house, so we came up with a plan, turn the closet in the upstairs hallway into a craft/sewing/extra towels and sheets closet! But wait, we had to clean all of this out first!

Yes, every house needs 3 shop vacs (2 in the garage and 1 upstairs)! We started by getting everything out of the closet to see with what we were working it.

My sweet husband always does the job without cutting any corners, so we pulled out the old shelves and patched all the holes. Then I realized why I am never allowed to touch a paint brush in our house ever again, but I painted the walls white! (you may be thinking, how can you mess up white on white but yes there is a way)

My amazing husband had the vision to make this the most efficient closet ever and put 2 full wrap around shelves in the closet, it’s amazing! It might be my new hang out spot!

Also, during this time I re-organized everything from the office and media center to all fit in the closet! Welcome to the safe haven for crafty-ness!

I am in love! Everything has it’s place and it so easy to find!


3 thoughts on “A safe haven for craftyness

    • Thanks! The baskets are old, they are from Walmart about 5 years ago! But they are a rubbermaid product, so maybe they are still around! πŸ™‚ Sorry they are not still around!

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