We hit 100!

Wow, are you shocked or impressed that we have hit 100 posts on our blog! I wanted to take this time to see what we have been doing over the past 100 posts!

We started the blog for others to know what was going with our wedding and if we were going to buy a house, take a look back at this post! Lots has happened since that first blog post.

We became official home owners in August 2009 and the projects started right away.

We got married in October 2009 and went on an amazing honeymoon, can we go back?

We started our first big project in November 2009, we did not waste anytime. Can you actually remember what we first started on? I had to check the blog to see what it officially was, the half bath.

We finished a new table for our kitchen, new water heater and new windows all in one month.

Our house started to look like a home with some window decorations and started already thinking of re-doing the master bathroom, can you believe were we are now!

We got super busy and were really bad bloggers!

I started to get back to being crafty with sewing new pillows for our bedroom and I have not stopped since.

We grew our first garden in 2010 and we are now on  garden 2.0.

I think I have an obsession with making wreaths around the house, I need to go to a group or something to stop making more! I have made a book wreath, heart wreath, burlap wreath, fabric wreath and candy corn! Wow I have a problem.

We celebrated our first year of marriage with a trip to Boston, it was amazing, I am sure we meant to blog about it but got busy and I just think it’s silly to post about it now, but it was awesome!

We had some fun with chalkboard paint in our kitchen.

I made my very own Sunburst Mirror and don’t worry we are still working on it haha!

We had a few snow days this past January so we got a ton of projects done, that happens when you spend 5 days in the house.

We did a lot of little projects in February this year. We did tree art, went antiquing and put new lights in the kitchen!

And then our biggest project to date started our master bathroom!

So in our 100 posts here on the blog we have done a few things around the house! Check out our house tour to see the changes we have made!


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