Running the wires, second weekend update

This entry contains a ton of text and not so many pictures. Kelly was out of town this weekend visiting her college friends and I wanted to surprise her with a lot of progress. Unfortunately electric work is one of those “behind the scenes” activities where visual confirmation of your progress is lost in yellow wire and blue boxes….

On the bright side; we had a pretty huge milestone this weekend working on the Master Bath remodel. Winston and I (mostly Winston) completely finished all of the additional electric work for the remodel! The thing about running wires and pulling cable is this: it doesn’t look like we did ANYTHING! The thing is, it’s a lot of work and thankfully Winston was pretty great at accommodating to our wish list of things that we wanted to do in this remodel. The good news is that our Master Bath is now on a dedicated circuit from our main electrical panel! We needed this because we’re adding a heated flooring system, two heated mirrors and a new GFI switch on top of everything else that was already there! The reason for this is because we discovered that our Master Bath, upstairs Bath and both of our spare bedrooms all shared a single circuit in form or another. Winston and I decided to run two brand new lines in order to move the Master Bath onto it’s own line and keep the demand for electricity as spread out as possible. Here’s a photo of the vanity area where most of the above ground wiring took place. The two blue boxes in the middle will be where our recessed outlets go to provide power to our heated mirrors. I can’t even lie, I’m so stoked!

We also determined that the dreaded soffit above the vanity did NOT contain a load bearing header which meant that we could safely pull that sucker out! It really opens up the Master Bath and especially the vanity area where we’re going to have a ton of upgrades to show off! I know it looks rough now but image the ceiling that you see in the foreground extending another 2 1/2 feet toward the wall; trust me it’s going to be awesome!

Another project for Winston and I was to decide where the new shower can light was going to go. Kelly and I picked out a darker tile to use and so we wanted to make sure that even with all the lights on, we weren’t taking a shower in the dark! We had to figure out a few things. One of them being where to put the can light so that we don’t hit a joist in the ceiling (very import). Another thing to consider was once we determined the general area we needed to make a decision on how close or far away from the back wall we wanted to put the light. The thing is that the ceiling where the light is going is slanted, therefore the further away from the back wall the less light would actually be in the shower, however, the closer the light to the back wall the more of a risk of it shining in your eyes as you enter the shower. Here’s what we came up with:

One of the last, and I have to admit, coolest things that we completed was preparing the area for the installation of our heated flooring system! We installed a box and some conduit that Winston called “smurf pipe” because it’s got a blue tint to it. This is the pipe where the temperature gauge will go to the floor and read the temperature of the heated flooring system. Winston’s ingenious and figured out a way to curve the pipe at the bottom just in case this gauge goes bad and we have to replace it. I ordered a secondary gauge just in case we ever needed it.


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