Raised Garden 2.0

Last year Kelly and I tried our hand at gardening at our new house. I decided that we should do a raised garden that way we could have more control of what goes into the soil, plus it’s a lot easier to work in!

We learned a few things last year from our first go round with a raised garden. The first thing is that I built the walls for the raised garden WAY to close to our neighbors fence. Another thing was the the walls where all out of whack and  we wanted it to be much more sturdy and oval shaped instead of some weird bean shape.

We also decided that we needed some sort of border around it for walking around instead of standing in the mud. I picked up about 1/2 a ton of gravel from Vulcan (conveniently down the road from our house) and put it down around the garden.

Here are a few pictures of what it looks like with (1) higher and straighter walls (2) my drip irrigation tube that is tied into the rain barrel (3) a gravel surround and (4) five feet further away from our neighbors fence:


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