I heart Organizing

If you have know me for more than 5 minutes you know I love to organize. So of course I love the site organize.com 🙂 It’s like an OCD organizer dreams coming true.

So after looking at our fridge I realized I had to find a new solution.

It felt so cluttered and dis-organized, that is not make me feel happy. Ps, do you like my apron collection?

So I found these 3 awesome white baskets with magnets to organize all our important paper that we need to hold on to.

Thoughts? Are you in love? Oh wait that is just me! The first basket keeps our recycle program and what is allowed, very important 🙂

The second basket holds our sermon notes and save the dates! (hey that’s you Lauren or just Eric’s head)

There is a third basket but it’s not full but I am sure I will find something 😉



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