MLK Day Lights

Kelly and I have been talking can lights for the kitchen for months! I can’t say years but it still feels that long. My good friend Winston came over on MLK Day to help knock out a few electrical projects. One of these projects, and the one that caused the most trouble, was installing 5 can lights in our kitchen. There were several reasons that we wanted can lighting installed in the kitchen. One is b/c our 4 foot fluorescent light made a constant humming (annoying) sound that drove us loco! We also wanted to move the fan from the breakfast area (totally didn’t make sense) and move it over to where the stove was to help keep the kitchen cool. Another, more obvious reason,  is because can lights put out so much more light and we’re looking forward to showing off our new kitchen! Here’s a shot of the 4 foot fluorescent:

So to get started we pulled out the old fluorescent light and started the painstaking process of figuring out several key elements for this process including where were we going to pull power from and where, specifically, were we going to install the can lights.

A couple of hours later we had the power issue figured out and all of the holes and wires ready for the can lights!

Once all of the holes where cut out and the wires pulled through we were ready to start installing the cans!

We knew that we’d make a bit of a mess so we put down a tarp to help catch as much of the dust and debris as possible.

Here are a couple shots of what the new lighting looks like now!


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