Something old

I would admit I am a pro at thriftiness, it’s always been a joy but I am definitely new to the world of antiquing. I just have never really been into but I realized I was missing out.

On my fun day with Pam, we stopped by an HUGE antique shop and I found two gems!

10 points if you can guess what this is! I have no idea but I still love it, it has found a new home holding our rings in the kitchen. I don’t love to cook with my rings on because knowing me I would do something dumb, so I usually take them off when I am doing any real cooking and put in a dish on the window sill. They have had a home in a pumpkin candle holder but I realized that it was time for an upgrade. I found “this” and I love it.

It looks wonderful on the sill and looks great next to my flowers my hubby got me for my birthday (note there are more flowers, I just like to spread them out in different places and vases to make them last)

I also found this amazing milk glass bowl, I have a slight obsession with milk glass, just in case you didn’t know already.

Matt thinks the top edge looks like little people holding hands and touching toes and now it makes me laugh but I am ok with that.


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