Taking you back to 6th grade

Remember when you used to carve your name into a tree to declare to the world your love? Well now, we just change our relationship status on facebook. I had a craft/antiquing/cupcake day with my friend Pam.

I first heard of this idea from Joi over at her blog. I have had this on my list for some time! So Pam had already mastered this project and we did it together. I have found a new tool that I am saving up for, the Silhouette, yes I need to own one!

It was super easy we designed the letters (or I watched as Pam did in amazement) cut out the paper, used some double sided tape and framed! Wow instant art.

And it found a new home in our bedroom in the future reading nook. My thoughts for this corner of our master is to make it a comfortable reading place. My ideas are to have a comfy chair, side table and some more lighting I will add it to this list.

Well I am in love with it. When we were hanging this awesome picture, I discovered my sock was wet, yes it had been raining but I was inside. I soon discovered the whole curtain was wet… weird right. Oh wait we found this!

I can’t get the picture to turn, don’t ask! But do you see the large amount of water under the paint! How awesome!! We have a leak in our bedroom window 😦 We had most of the windows replaced last year, so it’s under warranty, just a paint to get it fixed. Oh yeah they will be fixing the dry wall too, I will make sure they do 🙂

So much for a peaceful reading area, add it to the list.


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