I am a designer

I found out I can be a designer, can you believe it? I can make my own mod boards on this amazing site I found called Oliboard.

It’s like that first time you got Facebook, remember when you spent 4 hours without moving away from your screen because you found your best friend from 3rd grade! It’s that same effect with Oliboard, you get to design your own boards for any room, it’s so much fun, I could spend a few hours on here very easily.

I started with our family room, this is my first stab at it,  no laughing just yet.

What do you think about the couch? I want a brown leather couch for the family room and I really love this one. I love that is has structure but it still looks comfy. With my allergies leather seems to be the best route for us to go. I’ll keep you updated but I don’t think a new couch is in our immediate future, no matter how many I find that I love.

I had to try out another one for the master bathroom that will be re-done very soon; yes can’t wait! I am so ready to get rid of the white tile, white grout and midget sized vanity!

I can’t decide on a square or round mirror, thoughts? We are putting in a custom vanity that my sweet hubby built; it looks like the white table, pictured here, but about 6 feet long.

Also, I put in a few color ideas, we are going to have gray / brown tile and stacked stone, I wanted the walls to stand out, here are a few ideas.


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