A DIY Pendant Light

Since our kitchen lighting has changed, we realized we need a new light fixture above the kitchen table. I know don’t be jealous of this amazing ceiling fan that was over the table.

I went looking for an amazing lamp and found this one at overstock.

But yes I looked at the price tag ($170) and just wanted to keep my money.

I went with my friend Lauren (she has an amazing blog) to the Habitat for Humanity Restore and found an amazing lamp shade. I love the shape and coloring. I figured you could make a pendant lamp out of it 🙂 haha

My amazing husband is so handy, I love that! We went to Home Depot and got all the supplies we needed. By the way go on a week night they are so helpful!

We got 2 feet of small chain to make sure we could make the lamp shade hang even.

A bit of a confusing picture but it is all hooked up to a larger chain to support the weight of the lamp.

The lamp is not directly in the center of the table so we made a few adjustments to make it centered, check out my hubby 🙂

Amazing right? I can’t believe a simple lamp shade turned into amazing pendant light!

What do you think? Thoughts?




10 thoughts on “A DIY Pendant Light

  1. OMG, yall have been so productive the past couple weeks! I love the pendant light! I’ve been wanting to visit the habitat re-store… wanna pick your brain about how it was! 🙂

    • The Atlanta restore is great, you just can’t go with anything in mind because you will never find it!

      If you need a friend I will go with you!

    • Ann,

      The shade has 4 prongs, so we put the wire for the light in the center and used a basic light kit to then attach the where the light bulb went, does that help at all? haha

      Check out the 3rd picture in the blog, that will help! 🙂

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