A litte bit late but Day 5

I know you are wondering “What happened on stuck in the house day 5”?  Well, Matt started working on new matching night stands for our bedroom.

They just need to be sanded, a few coats of paint/stain and the hardware. I am so excited, I can’t wait! Matt or I will give you a full post when they are finished.

If you have not visited the most amazing site for free furniture designs you are missing out, stop by Ana White. This is where we find most of our furniture that Matt builds. It’s hard to go back to paying for furniture when you have an amazing husband that can custom build from free plans.

My sister in law came over so that we could make cake pops together. First start with your cook book, mine is signed by the author.

Then take 3 hours to make cake pops, I have no idea how to make the process go any quicker, one day I’ll figure it out. We thought we were going to make cute cupcakes this time around, but these “simple” round ones are difficult enough for now!

They are so yummy! They’re dark chocolate cake with cream cheese icing and we did a mix of milk chocolate and white chocolate coatings!


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