Stuck in the house day 4

I didn’t think it possible but we are off for a 4th day of work due to the snow/ice. I was joking with the hubby and thinking what do we do on day 4, we have already relaxed, completed a few projects around the house, cleaned and finished all the remaining laundry!

So I found another free project that I have been wanting to tackle. I already had the materials I just needed to sit down to get started.

Remember the cranberry wreath in the kitchen?

Well, I decided to reuse the wreath form because the cranberries’ days were numbered.

I found this amazing post on Whipperberry, it’s an amazing blog and if you’re not reading it then you should be!

I remembered that I had some burlap upstairs and decided to start this project.

Close up!

I guess I started to run out of doors to put wreaths on, so I am coming up with creative places to put them all over the house.

Also, I have started a cork collection; watch out it’s already over flowing!


In other non craft news, we got a new loan (to replace an existing) to help with our payoff plan! My hubby is so amazing with finances 🙂


3 thoughts on “Stuck in the house day 4

  1. I love the burlap wreath… are they circles or what? LOL. I may have a few corks to add to your collection… if you think they’ll fit in that bowl! haha

    • Well it’s actually squares, then folded into a flower shape and rounded the edges! super easy, I had leftover burlap and it was super easy.

      A few corks huh?

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