Chalkboard Paint!

Kelly and I like to stay organized. Shocker, I know. We have this awesome chest freezer in our garage that was gifted to us from Mr. and Mrs. Kasych to help us get used to buying sale items in bulk and storing for later.

Our chest freezer filled up quickly with great buys on ground meat, Italian Ice and lots of other goodies. The only problem is that the items that work their way to the bottom are often lost and or forgotten about. I had suggested to Kelly one day that we just make a list of the items that we had so that we wouldn’t forget what we had, even if we had to dig for it.

Kelly had the AMAZING idea of just painting an area of the wall with some chalk board paint! This way we can update the board every time we add or subtract things from the freezer.  We picked up a small container of the chalk board paint from the Depot and then some chalk from Micheal’s. I had to use two coats of the chalk board paint to get full coverage and it looks great!

As a matter of fact it looks so good that while I had the roller and the paint out we put a small amount inside on of our pantry doors. I mean we weren’t using that space for anything else so why not?

Here’s a few shots of how it turned out:



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