Crawl Space Water Prevention: Part 1

When Kelly and I first moved into our home we had A LOT of work to do. One of the best, and at the same time least glamorous, renovations that we did was to hire some help to re-do all of our duct work in the crawl space under our house. Fortunately we did most of the work around the same time as the flooding last year and we found that our crawl space had sprung a leak. We weren’t sure where it was, but there was a TON of water sitting in the low area’s of the crawl space.

So I started asking questions to figure out what to do. There were several suggestions including installing a drainage system, replacing our old gutters, and digging around the foundation, in certain areas, to apply a tar-like material to keep water out of the crawl space.

Here’s the after shot of about 4 hours of labor in one of these areas to apply the water barrier to help stop the leak.


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