What is going on in the Rowell House?

Yes, it’s been a while… and you may be thinking what has kept these bloggers so busy! Well, all of a sudden life got busy, my job keeps me really busy during the fall for our campaign season, we have Matt’s brothers wedding, an anniversary trip and a lot of projects!

To catch you up, I made these yummy cupcakes for a small group… a few weeks back!

I wanted to try something new, I put a surprise in the middle… can you guess what it is?

It’s a cookie! I mean really cupcake and cookie in one… heaven!

They are almost ready to frost, just needed to cool for a bit.

Yummy, cream cheese frosting, which I eat by the tons!

Matt’s brother enjoyed a taste of the cupcake.

More updates in the near future I promise, can’t wait to show you my candy corn wreath… be excited.


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