Paint Sample Art

You said what? Paint sample art.. really you are crazy! But no I am serious, I found this project and could not wait to try it out. I never feel guilty getting paint samples from Home Depot since we spend most of our money there anyways. I wanted to do a paint sample art for our new floating shelves. I got a ton of new “fall” colors, I am hoping by doing this it will be fall soon, oh wait it’s still in the 90’s.

Take the paint samples and use a square cutting tool to make them all uniform. (I did one before that showcased my inability to cut out straight squares).

Look at that fall color!

Then start by using double sided tape to put your squares on your paper. I just did a random pattern to fill the frame.

Then finish off the square place in your frame and there you go instant art!

I love this, it’s so fun and was super easy to create.


One thought on “Paint Sample Art

  1. M & K,

    I love this idea!! We are redecorating the living room and I have tons of paint samples. This would make a great framed piece to go on the bookcase!! Thanks. Aunt Denise

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