Something Old; Something Blue?

Most of you know that Kelly is an avid Good-Willer. From what I understand she’s toned it down…A LOT! This post is about an amazing find she made on one of her Good Will trips. A pair of lamps that looked like this:

I have to admit, I didn’t care for them. Luckily Kelly could see how awesome they would be if they were only a different color. Let’s say something like this:

So we tape the lamps up with masking tape and some old newspaper and got them outside for their first (of three) coats of Global Blue. If I’m not careful I’ll use too much paint which will cause it to run.  So we took our time with each coat. You can see here where I couldn’t exactly get the base coated very well. For the next two coats we put the lamps on a raised surface to do a better job.

Three coats of Global Blue later, and a coat of a clear matte, here’s what we ended up with!

We had to pick up shades for the lamps (unfortunately the most expensive part) but seriously not a big cost when compared to $12 lamps and a few cans of spray paint!

The lamps look great atop our custom-made end tables! I have to admit they look pretty darn awesome!


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