Flowers that never die

I found this blog a while ago and have been a fan, she did a post on tissue paper flowers. I saw the post a while ago and just had it on my list of projects. I took the plunge this weekend to make a few for around the house. Here is how I did it!

I started with 4 sheets of tissue paper folded in half, a glass with the diameter that I wanted, straight pin, floral wire, scissors, a pot and a foam ball.

The first step is to trace the glass on the tissue paper to make your flowers. Here is what it looks like.

Then you cut out the circles, you have to make sure they stay together…. hold on tight!

Then take the circles and poke two holes with your straight pin.

Then pull both sides to make a steam for the flower.

Then start taking each layer and scrunching it… yeah that is a real technically term huh! Keep doing this till you have all 8 layers done.

Insert the finished flower into your floral ball and you are finished with one, just a few more to go.

Here is the final product!

I got a little excited about the project and did a purple one too.

What do you think?


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