A new place to sit

I remember when we first moved in I was so worried about not having any where to sit, in a matter of a few weeks, we had two tables… and we mostly eat on the couch in the family room! Well, one day we will start to use the table. But we found these awesome “grandma” chairs on Craigslist. The chairs were from a grandma’s house and we loved them.

I have been looking for fabric to cover the chairs to give it a bit more of our style. I got free cream suede and could not wait to start working on the chairs. I had no idea, and found out very quickly, that foam is expensive!  So Matt called his friend John, who happens to run a reupholstering business, and we decided it was worth paying him to do the first time so we could get the foam included. We got a stellar deal on the chairs, John suggested we use a darker fabric, we ended up getting this dark brown for FREE (I love FREE) and now we have all 6 chairs (that we don’t use too often)  ready to go!


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