The joys of canning?

Oh the joys of Canning?? I am new to this whole canning experience, my husband knows so much more than me. Matt’s aunt and uncle have an amazing garden that they love to share with us. I like tomatoes but I love the tomatoes from their garden, they have now ruined me for life. So Matt stopped over after work and got these amazing tomatoes, which I have loved eating every single one of them. We’ve had BLT’s, homemade salsa, tomatoes on sandwiches, burgers…. you name it we have had it.

To my surprise he came home with 5 pounds of figs!

What do we do with these? He said, oh it’s easy you just make homemade perseveres.

Here are a few easy steps if you are a first timer like me to making fig preserves!

First take the preserves and put them in a big pan, boil water and pour over the figs. You leave them in the water for 10 minutes. Then you cut the tops off the figs. We cut the figs into quarters to start the canning process.

Heat the jars up, so I was getting a little lazy at this point, so I did not want to get the big canning pot from the garage, so we ended up putting the cans in the sink to get the same effect. We just heated up some water to warm up the jars.

Next step…. it takes forever, just wanted to warn you. Add 6 cups of sugar, yes 6, and 1/4 cup of water; heat the water until the sugar melts.  Add the figs and cook them down, this took us about an hour to do. The figs will turn dark brown and the mixture gets real sticky!

After this we put the figs into our hot jars to finish off the product. We then had 5 cans of homemade (by Matt & Kelly) fig perseveres. I felt so Suzy homemaker, it was crazy.

Check out the final product


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