Warning Sugar Coma…

I had a wonderful lesson Pam on how to make cupcakes and cakpops! I love making cupcakes I just did not have a good technique down yet.Β  So I convinced Pam to give me a lesson, she introduced me to the wonderful world of cakepops! I am now in love but realize I can’t make them ever again… I had about 7 the other day, oops.

This is my first solo attempt, yes the ones I made with Pam were much more appealing to the eye but they still tasted the same.

I have been working on getting consistent cupcakes, I always overfill, did I improve?

I am proud, they were all the same size!! Of course I am the worst blogger and forgot to take pictures of my the most amazing homemade cream cheese frosting. It’s amazing, I am still working on my frosting the cupcakes, next time I will remember to take a picture! Promise πŸ™‚

CAKEPOPS=AMAZING I am in love, if you can’t tell. I first saw Bakerlla site a year or two ago and never got up the guts to try, I thought they looked amazing but I knew they took a lot of work. When Pam offered to teach a lesson, I fell in love. So here is my first solo attempt at cakepops, they don’t look as pretty but they still taste amazing!

I need a better camera πŸ™‚ hint hint!


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