New Coffee Table!

Kelly and I decided that we really need a new coffee table for our living room. The one that I had is old, at least 10 years,  and it’s just plain. It’s got a flat surface with 4 legs. We tried to sand it down and re-finish it but its got that awful particle board underneath a thin veneer. So we scraped that idea and started looking around some of our favorite DIY sites.  Luckily Georgia from had left a message on one of our top visited sites hosted by Anna over at for building an amazing coffee table with lots of storage space! My most favorite part about this piece is that it WILL have drawers but it WILL NOT have rails! I don’t mind putting rails on for sliding out drawers when necessary. Thankfully this piece does not require the extra 8 hours it would have taken me to put rails on  6 sliding drawers. And the best part is that Georgia saw this piece for sale at a high-end furniture store for $700; Kelly and I already had the plywood and after a trip to the Depot we picked up the rest of the lumber we needed for under $70! Talk about an amazing deal, 90% off and all it’ll take is some measuring, cutting, sweating and a little bit of hardware to get the whole thing together! Here’s a shot of the majority of the lumber that I have already cut according to the plan. I’m short a few more pieces but it’s enough to get us started! Kelly and I turned on some tunes after dinner and decided to start putting this thing together. It’s so much easier with two people and as Kelly said, “This is like putting IKEA furniture together; only…it’s made with real wood!” Of course one of us had to man the camera so here are a couple more shots of our progress. You can see on the second picture here that we placed just the fronts of the drawers in the empty space to get a better idea of what it will look like, it’s going to be awesome!

We wanted to get an idea of what the table would look like with shelves so we gently placed a few shelf-face boards in the bottom row to see how it would look:

The next part of the project is to build the drawers that will be used for storage. I was able to cut and put all 6 together in just a couple of hours:

After the drawers were finished I constructed a simple L-shaped jig to drill the holes for the hardware. I wanted to make sure that the holes would be the perfect distance for the screws and also that they were in about the same place on all the drawer faces.  Here’s a shot of how they look once attached. Of course I had to pull the drawer handles off in order to paint them but I just wanted to make sure they all fit before we moved onto that step.

So here’s what this beast of a coffee table looks like with a fresh coat of paint!

And here are two more shots from different angles. In the first you can see that the second shelf hadn’t been painted yet; I was dreading breaking out the roller but it actually went pretty smoothly which you can see in the second shot.

Once we got the whole thing painted Kelly had an awesome idea! She used scrap book paper to line the bottom of the drawers! Here’s a shot of how that turned out; interesting enough the drawers are already being filled with stuff 🙂

We wanted to take a picture of the family room with everything in place so even though this shot includes the lamps, end tables and a few other of our DIY projects it’s a great shot of the whole picture.


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