Band saw Box

I’ve only completed a few wood working projects in the past couple of years; my Oriental-themed bookshelf (that took about 80 hours worth of work from my uncle Bob and myself, the mahogany base for our dining room table, the vanity (still a work in progress) for our bathroom renovation, and now a band saw box that Steve over at got me turned on to. The part that really appealed to me is this: I watched a 30 minute video on how to build my Oriental-themed bookshelf and what I didn’t fully realize is that there are DAYS of preparation that goes into something like this! The band saw box, on the other hand, that Steve showcased on his blog should only take a few hours. My uncle Bob and I started this project by gluing pieces of wood together to have a big chunk of wood to work with. This is the cheapest route as you can glue scraps together and get some really cool designs.  We used pieces of curly maple, scraps, separated with thin strips of padauk (pa-duke) wood from a local lumber shop. I totally forgot to take a true “before” picture but here’s my oval chunk that I cut out on the band saw. We followed Steve’s instructions and sanded down the whole piece, cut the back off of this block; cut out the drawer, cut off the face and the back of the drawer, then cut a U shape in the drawer that will serve as storage space.

Here’s a shot of some of the pieces that we ended up. From left to right we have the drawer (with front and back being glued and clamped together, the inside of the back that will be glued on toward the end, and pieces that were sliced off the original block that we glued together earlier in the week. I really needed this project for a few reasons. First, it was a lot of fun to see how the strips of padauk would look in between the curly maple after we cut the sides off, second, I needed a project that had almost instant gratification. I’m trying to get better with needing this from wood working projects because as I have learned gratification from these projects comes days and even weeks after you start them. Lastly is the fact that as long as you cut the backs and faces of the box and drawer at the right step there’s really no way to mess up!

One of the steps in getting the drawer cut is that you have to cut into the box with the band saw. We finished up the evening by letting the glued entry point dry off in a wooden clamp:


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