A cool breeze

Since our house is from the 80’s we have a few dozen brass fixtures in our house. Well brass went out of style like blue eye shadow and cone bra’s. We are slowly working on updating our fixtures to reflect our style. We are going to get better on before pictures… working on that, but here is the fan going up.


Did you know it’s easy to put a fan up on tall slanted ceiling??? Nope, but that is why we have Winston to help us out. I thought it would be sooo easy to put a light kit on the fan I got for a great deal at the yard sale… well not so easy, that is why we had to call Winston in for his expertise.

So of course what do you do when your friend is hanging a ceiling fan… take pictures for the blog 🙂

The final product, what do you think? It seriously makes the room cooler, does a fan from the 80’s not work as well to cool the room? I think so now!! I did not know a fan could change the whole look and feel of a room but it does.


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