the little things

We need to add something to master bedroom….. it was lacking a strong focal point. I got a picture from IKEA while back but I wanted to make it a stronger focal point above our bed. My amazing designer friend helped with the picture and suggested we look for some sconces. If you know us, we don’t buy anything that is not a good deal, so I have been looking for a few months. I went into Hobby Lobby and found a few but refused to buy them till they went 50% off, because everything always goes 50% off at some point.

What do you think? Amazing!! Well I do, these gorgeous accessories add so much to the room, crazy huh! Now it’s off to find something to put in them. My sweet husband suggested getting LED candles, so we could actually turn them on and not have to have fire above our bed! Here is one more view just because.


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