Vainglorious Vanity

I’m not a bragger, however, I’m working on a new piece inspired by Ana at and two of my favorite DIY’ers John and Sherry at This project started a while back when Kelly and I had decided to basically gut, and re-do our master bath. If you’ve been to our house you know it’s not a bad bathroom it’s just dated. And WHITE everywhere so it looks a lot dirtier than it really is. We started purchasing little bits and pieces at a time in order to keep ourselves from sticker shock by buying everything all at once. We found some awesome tile (on sale) for the floor, some beautiful stacked stone (on sale) for the shower walls, a heated floor system (on sale) for those cold winter days, light fixtures (on sale) for updated lighting and a few other items. As you can see we’re trying to make sure that we’re as wallet friendly as possible; plus we do a lot of looking and very little buying unless the deal is just too good to be true.

Back to the vanity. We’ve been scouring Blue and Orange as well as some on-line sites for a vanity that would be a perfect fit for us. We found out that it’s pretty difficult to find a 34-inch tall x 7-foot long x 22-inch deep vanity at a bargain price. Enter Ana from knock-offwood.  Kelly found this site; and I fell in love with it immediately! I know that I’m not the best wood-worker out there, but, give me a purchase list, a cut list and a bunch of pictures that show me how it all fits together and I’m just as good as the next DIY’er. We used Ana’s plans for the Farmhouse Style Kitchen Island an modified them to fit our need. The best part is that this vanity should come in under $150 (not including the quartz counter top that we’re still pricing around for)! It’s a custom piece that is perfect for us and Kelly is already in love with it; which makes me happy 🙂

Stack of cut lumber, to Ana’s specs, to get me started on our new vanity! Here’s the frame all put together. Took me a while to get them all level and flush with each other but according to Steve from a good project has 10 steps:  Saw, Glue, Sand, Sand, Sand, Sand, Sand, Sand, Sand, then beer.

Me using one of my most favorite tools, a nail gun! A side-angle shot of what the bottom looks like now with a shelf attached, and last but not least a top view of what our new vanity looked like at the end of my shop-time yesterday evening. We still have a lot of wood-puttying, sanding, priming and painting to do. And I still need build and add drawers which I’ve been putting off until dead last.

6/7/2010 – I figured that I’d just update this post as we go along through this project. Over the weekend I was able to fill most of the nail / screw holes with wood putty and get them all sanded down. I also added the support boards for the drawers and the facing on the front as well. I really neeed to do a better job at taking pictures but I get into this rythm when I’m working on this thing and I just get too excited with how it’s coming along and forget. Kelly and I worked some more on the vanity yesterday and I had her using all my favorite tools like the mitre and jig saws and my new Kreg Jig. We were able to build and install the rails for the drawers too! Helps the whole piece come together. We used the air compressor to attach the bottom liner of the drawers and compressed air with “duster” attachment is always loads of fun! Here’s a couple of pictures of our progress:

6/12/2010 – Now that Kelly and I have finished the three drawers (about 4.5 hours of work) we decided that we should move the vanity out of the garage and into the house for painting. Here’s a shot of the finished product sans paint, counter top, sinks and faucets of course:

We also decided to move to move the vanity out of the garage for painting; unfortunately, this piece weighs in at around 100 pounds or so and there is no way that Kelly and I could move it upstairs into our loft area for painting. Lucky for us my good friend Uncle Chris came by to give me a hand. We had an interesting time moving this 6 foot piece but we finally got it upstairs. I was able to put two coats of Killz primer on over the weekend. Here’s a shot of the vanity after the first coat.


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