Composting and Gardening and Herbing…oh my!

Kelly and I have been caring for our garden now for a couple of months now and it’s really looking great! We’ve gotten a few ideas from younghouselove and knock-off wood to add a few extra’s to our gardening expertise. We’ve been eyeing composters at the depot and then Kelly stumbles across an idea on younghouselove to just use an old plastic storage container!

Believe me, after 7 or so hours of cleaning out our office and garage we had PLENTY of them laying around. So we drilled some holes (Kelly loved using power tools for this) and I filled it up with a layer of newspaper, 2/3 dirt and 1/3 of grass clippings. We also wanted to start using scraps from the kitchen so we spray painted a locking container (we didn’t want to see the gross-ness inside) and keep it in the freezer to keep the scraps from smelling.  Here are a couple of shots (top and bottom) of our already-paid-for composter!

Like I mentioned before the garden has been growing really well and the last time Kelly saw it she flipped out b/c the leaves on the Zucchini had gotten to be so big! She almost couldn’t believe it: “They’re bigger than my head”! She took a  shot of our broccoli too (which I had no idea could grow to be 3 feet tall).

I also pulled an idea of off knock-off to put a little herb garden together for us. I used 5 cedar (naturally rot and insect resistant) fence posts and some bolt’s, nails, and wood glue to put it all together. I’ve planted some seeds and am eagerly awaiting for them to pop up but for now my aunt Denise gave us a pineapple sage plant and some thyme. Here’s a shot of that bed.  I know that the sage plant is look pretty pittiful, but it’s got a good root system and should come back strong.

We’re hoping that 1) we can use our natural compost this fall or next spring and 2) that as the composte processes it won’t stink or attract too many other pesky bugs.

6/14/2010 – Kelly and I have been pulling Romaine Lettuce from the garden almost from the very beginning. We just recently have been able to enjoy Zucchini and just pulled a cucumber from the garden last night!


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