A weekend full of organization

If you know me at all, you know I am super organized… well how perfect because I married a man with those same views. This weekend was full of projects around the house to make us more organized.

We started with the office, yes I forgot to take before pictures but maybe that is a good thing. The office is our catch all room in the house since we moved in. We just had tons of stuff that needed to be consolidated but it was not on the top of our list. I have no idea what inspired us to start but 3 hours and 7 trash bags later… Check one more room off the list. ( Yes I know the pictures need to be a little straighter)

I wanted to find a method that worked for all the random office items, I discovered a plastic “dresser” in our other closet. I knew it had found a new home in the office.

After a long day of going up and down the stairs, the last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner… so I convinced the hubby to go to a local pizza place called Big Pie in the Sky. They are famous for their carnivore challenge, 11 pounds of pizza, 2 people, 1 hour… if you win you get $250… We did not try the challenge but did enjoy some amazing pizza.

I have no idea how Matt convinced me to help with the cleaning out the garage after the office but he did. We knew that our only garbage can was already full but still wanted to clean out the garage.

This is mid cleaning….. AHWHWH

I have the wonderful privilege of parking in the garage, I love it! So my side is still clean, we have 2 large recycling boxes full, a ton of boxes to be recycled and a few (5) large black trash bags ready to go.

We are little late for Spring cleaning but we are happy with the outcome!


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