Our garden is growing!

Kelly and I started a garden this year (you may have seen from a previous post) and it has really taken off! We’ve already had 4 salads from our Romain lettuce and it seems like everything else has doubled in size over the last week. Here are a few pictures of what’s “growing” on with our garden!

This shot shows off our beans, cucumbers, broccoli, and eggplant (which has just come up in  the past few days). Everything came from seed except the broccoli b/c we didn’t start it early enough indoors which is recommended.

                                                                                This next picture shows our baby tomato plants Romain lettuce and a zucchini, or yellow squash plant.

This last shot is a view of the whole thing at once. It’s looking a little over grown but we wanted to test as many plants as we could to see what would do well and what wouldn’t. So far we’re pretty happy with how it’s looking and with the new rain barrel in place we should be able to keep it watered all summer long!


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