Bring on the rain!

The other day Kelly sent me a link to a DIY webpage tutorial for a build-it-yourself rain barrel. They always make it look so easy (and I always fall for it) but this time it really wasn’t that bad! I had been keeping an eye out for the things that I would need from the Depot and had been asking around my friends and family for a plastic 55 gallon barrel with little or no holes. My good friend, Uncle Chris, came through and scored me an awesome plastic barrel that was just the perfect fit! Here are some photo’s and comments about this eco-friendly money saver.

Here you can see the water barrel, the flex-downspout, the nozzle and the retaining wall bricks that I used to put the whole thing together. I had to cut the original downspout with tin snips and attached the flex pipe with two thick screws that we had left over from our garage door / openers installation. I also used an eye bolt on the left side of the flex pipe and some zip ties to give it some extra support.  All of this sits on top of a three tier retaining wall pit filled with dirt to (a) support the weight of all that water and (b) give the barrel some height since the water will be gravity fed.

The flex pipe sits inside of a drain that I picked up from the Depot wrapped in a sheet of fiberglass screen and secured with a rubber band from our weekly newspaper. This screen is the same stuff used for screen doors and windows. I used fiberglass b/c metal would eventually rust and my filter would have begun to falter.

I drilled a 3/4-inch (I think) whole using a spade bit and attached plane water spigot with rubber washers and nuts on both sides to keep it in place.


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